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18 Apr / 2014
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wunderpus lembehWelcome to our weekly round-up #11, April 2014. We are still being visited by the Molas in Lembongan…looks like they are here to stay!

In Bunaken we have a full resort and lots of divers out spotting nice critters, and in Lembeh we have had several sightings of both Mimic Octopus and Wunderpus.

In TEC we have been teaching the PADI Tec Deep course, and we have some DM Interns in all resorts – Lisa, Trine, Baden & Christian.

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Happy diving!

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This week in Lembeh

wunderpus lembehWe’ve had a great week with several sightings of both Mimic Octopus and Wunderpus – The Wunderpus is pictured here in this great shot from Robbie & Judy.

We’ve also been lucky to see Hairy Frogfish, Flamboyant Cuttlefish (and their eggs), Lembeh Sea Dragons, Ornate and Robust Ghost Pipefish, Zebra Batfish, Bargibanti, Severns and Pontohi Pygmy Seahorses, Candy Crabs, Tiger Shrimp, Hairy Shrimp and some great Mandarin Fish Action!

We’ve also had Lisa here who is doing her Divemaster internship and Maria doing her Open Water Course.

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This week in Bunaken

star fish bunakenWe have a full resort and lots of divers out spotting nice critters. We have a great group of UK divers, experiencing diving in Indonesia for the first time and loving it. Tina was pleasantly surprised to find that three of the group were old friends and diving buddies! Thanks Paul Hart for the photo of the Lumpy Sea Star. The weather has been kind with some rain in the afternoons and evening and only one wavy day.

We have seen lots of cool stuff including Black Tip Reef Shark, Schools of Bat Fish, Black Snappers, Big Eyed, Blue Fin and Giant Trevallies, Barracudas, Eagle Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, Banded Sea Snakes, Reef Octopus, Giant Clams, Yellow Margined & White Mouth Morays, Spotted Garden Eels, Blue Ribbons eels, Painted Frog Fish, Devil Scorpion Fish, Leaf Scorpion Fish and of course lots of Turtles. On the smaller side we have seen Ornate & Robust Ghost Pipe Fish, Pontohi Pygmy Sea Horses, Candy, Orangutan & Coral Crabs, and some delicate Skeleton Shrimps.

We are seeing a beautiful transformation as the landscaping around the pool area continues.

Lisa our DMT has returned from her Lembeh adventure and is continuing to help around the dive centre.

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This week in Lembongan

flat worm lembonganAnother beautiful sunny one we have had. We are still being visited by the Molas at Crystal Bay…looks like they are here to stay. The Northside’s diving has been awesome as well with some of the dives being a beautiful 30 degrees, being visited by cool giant cuttlefish a ridiculous amount of ribbon eels and totally awesome turtles. On the small side we saw flatworms, Chromodoris, coral crab, anemone shrimp and anemone crabs.

Our DMTs Christian and Baden are just steaming through their course soon we will have two new Divemasters to introduce to the world.

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Tec Corner

sidemount diving in bunakenAnother full on round of the PADI Tec Deep course along side the PADI Tec Sidemount course kept student Alex and instructor Sandy busy. For 11 days lots of tanks were loaded on and off the boats to train and explore the depths between 40 to 50 meters, climaxing with a technical sidemount dive to 50 meters at Pangalingan around Manado Tua volcano which was out of this world!

Meanwhile in the pool, divemaster trainees Lisa & Trina along with guests Alex and Victoria, took their first bubble-less breaths on the Poseidon MKVI rebreather with instructor Hiro. They discovered a totally new concept with buoyancy whilst playing around in total silence

Check out in the picture just how cool 4 tanks can look underwater!

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