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07 Apr / 2014
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PADI Tec Deep Course Indonesia

More and more divers today are feeling an itch to explore more of the underwater world in a responsible way and this is exactly what the PADI Tec Deep Course offers. It is a challenge to any seasoned diver whether he/she is an instructor or experienced advanced open water diver.

This series of blogs takes a closer look at exactly the steps involved in the PADI Tec Deep Course, starting with a look at how the program is structured.

Structure of the PADI Tec Deep course

PADI Tec Deep course

The PADI TEC Deep Course consists of the three modules TEC 40, TEC 45 and TEC 50.

  • PADI TEC 40 – learn how to plan and execute decompression dive to 40m
  • PADI TEC 45 – make a gas switch under water after a dive to 45m to accelerate you decompression
  • PADI TEC 50 – make full accelerate decompression dives to 50m using Air, EANx and Oxygen

Each module is a separate 3-day/4-dive course. You can go full on and take all three courses in one go over 9-day/12 dives. Or you can do each module 1 at a time, thus breaking it up along the way and allowing you to work in some fun technical dives at each level to gain experience.

Regardless of how you choose to learn, the PADI Tec Deep Course will offer you more insight into dive theory and get you thinking more about what you are doing every time you break the surface to dive under.

Next week….more details about the PADI TEC40 course!

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