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30 Apr / 2014
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hairy shrimp bunakenTHIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN……a pod of Pilot whales came to hang out with the dive boat, with some whales passing under the boat giving the divers a great view. A dugong also popped his head up to take a look around, but didn’t stay. These experiences combined with sunny weather and calm seas have made for a very enjoyable week.

The under water life has also not let us down! Thanks to Vanessa and Marco for the photo of this amazing hairy shrimp. We are not entirely sure the exact type of shrimp. Can anyone help with this?

We have also seen Painted Frog fish, Ornate Ghost Pipe fish, Pontohi Pygmy Seahorses, Orangutan, Spider & Candy Crabs, Pink Squat Lobsters, Anemone, Hairy & Boxer Shrimps. Electric Clams, Whit Mouthed Morays, Blue Spotted Rays, Spotted Garden Eels and Leaf Scorpion fish.

On the bigger side we have seem Eagle rays, Dog Tooth Tuna, Schools of Bat fish & Big Eyed Travally, Barracudas, Napoleon Wrasse and Turtles.

Lisa has now finished her Divemaster course and we thank her all her hard work and the great German intro briefings. Good Luck!

Trine is also getting close to finishing and is now working on broadening her experience with some specialties and TEC courses.

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