/// Advanced Nitrox Helps Extend Divers Bottom Time

05 May / 2014
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Advanced Nitrox CourseTHIS WEEK IN TEC….There has been a lot of gas blending of rich nitrox mixes for our students doing their advanced nitrox course on sidemount. Both Two Fish Instructor Stephanie and our latest divemaster Trine have been able to extend their dive bottom time with the use of extra tanks and mixes of nitrox over 40%. In total, these mighty women have been carrying 3 tanks underwater in order to optimise their dive time especially in the 20 to 40 meter range. Their tec instructors Hiro and Sandy have shown them a new way to plan multi level dives and understand the calculations behind their dive computers.
In addition, Gerard completed his sidemount course with Hiro and found out all the ins and outs of the small modifications that he can make to his own sidemount equipment. He’s back to Komodo to put all his new skills to test in the water. Tec instructors Sandy and Hiro enjoyed a great morning of rebreather diving around Siladen on Sunday and came face to face with a school of giant jacks. It’s amazing the difference in how close you can get to fish when you don’t have bubbles. This upcoming week we have rebreather and sidemount rescue workshops with all our local guides to ensure they can help any diver in need – stay tuned for photos!

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