31 May / 2014
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BLUE RINGED OCTOPUS MAKES A COMEBACK!THIS WEEK IN LEMBEH… The Blue Ringed Octopus makes a comeback!  We usually find in Lembeh  that Blue Ringed Octopus are either abundant or rarely spotted ( this is to do with their life cycle), and at the moment we have been experiencing the latter… The combination of fewer Blue Ringed Octopus and their superb camouflage make them much harder to find… But not this week!  We had a few “orders” for Blue Rings this week from our guests and all were fulfilled!

Not only did we find Blue Ringed Octopus but one was also seen next to a Wunderpus !  A very rare photo opportunity – even for Lembeh :)  It’s been a good week in general for Octopus with multiple Wunderpus on one dive, Mimics, Coconut and Long Armed varieties.  We’ve also seen Seahorses, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Candy Crabs, Lembeh Sea Dragons, Hairy Frogfish, Shaggy Frogfish, Tiger Shrimp, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Lembeh Velvet Fish, Pygmy Seahorses and many more!

We welcome back Nicole this week for her 11th visit!  She’s stayed here so many time that she is like part of the furniture :)  Also, Reto & Simone are back for another visit – this time for their honeymoon :)  Congratulations!

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