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20 May / 2014
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clown frogfish in bunaken THIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN……… we found a clown frogfish in Bunaken, who says they are only in Lembeh! The weather has been really good and we have had visibility of 25m and more, maybe this is why we have been seeing lots of bigger things like Napoleon wrasse, Baracuda, Whitetip and Blacktip reef sharks, Eagle rays, Yellowfin & Dog-tooth Tuna, and schools of Big-eye Trevaly and Batfish.

The other critters have also been coming out to play such Bumphead parrotfish, Giant morays, leaf scorpionfish, lots of shrimp (Boxer, Tiger, Bubble, Cleaner, Hairy) and crab(Sponge, Candy, Orangutang, Boxer), a few ghost pipefish, some Pontohi pygmy and common seahorses, Helmut shells, Egg cowries, Electric clams – and those damn turtles are still getting in the way!

We had Rob renting the shop rebreather for the week and he was using his camera for the first time, and his favourite critter was the clown frogfish. Thanks for the picture Rob, this was his favourite of the whole week.

On the course side, it was change-about time with the instructors as Dion went to Lembeh for an Advanced course, and Sandy did most of an Open water course before having to guide some deep tec dives with Rob – talk about going from one extreme to the other!

Hope to see you in Bunaken soon!
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