/// Mantas and Mojitos in Lembongan

21 May / 2014
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Mantas and Mojitos in LembonganMantas and Mojitos in Lembongan


A week full of Mantas and an evening with mojitos. Poseidon has calmed the roaring seas in the south to provide us with excellent conditions to head to the two Manta spots every day this week.

The experience for some guest was so moving that they requested to go again the next day and the next day. Sightings reaching 10 mantas in one dive and a total of 40+ through the week.

With all these sightings of mantas through the week, lots of videos and photos were taken and have been handed over to Aquatic Alliance (the manta research program here in Lembongan)


Also underwater, we have seen large Napoleon Wrasse, Barracuda, Whip Goby, Lionfish, Crocodile fish, Triggerfish, Unicorn Fish, Nemo (Clown Fish) and Emperor Angelfish.

With our guests in such high spirits from amazing underwater encounters, we invited them all for our first cocktail night. Starting off the soon to be regular cocktail nights, was a night of Mojitos, music and lots of laughs. More Lembongan_button

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