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18 Jun / 2014
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big-and-small-in-bunaken-v2THIS WEEK IN BUANKEN…have you ever had a dive where you saw both a big fish and macro at the same time? A couple of our guests, John and James, had one of those moments as they turned around after looking at a nice pygmy seahorse to immediately see a reef shark. Although they have been visiting Bunaken over the past ten years, this was their first double-take of finding something so small and then be immediately confronted with something so big!

The weather here offers the best of the tropics at the moment – rain during the night to cool things off, and gorgeous sunny afternoons to get a good tan in. Most importantly the visibility during the dives holds out at more than 25 meters.

The diversity in critters over the last week also stands out – here’s a peak at what we’ve been looking at: Napoleon wrasse, baracuda, whitetip sharks, bumphead parrotfish, bluefin trevallys, bat fish, juvenile midnight snappers, schools of black snapper, crocodile flathead fish, eagle ray, scorpion fish, white mouth moray, turtles, candy crabs, orang-utan crabs, porcelain crabs, boxer crabs, squat shrimps, bubble coral shrimps, cleaner shrimps an electric clam, ornate ghost pipefish, pink ghost pipefish, reef octopus, blue spotted ribbontail ray…phew, the list goes on!

Bunaken is just about to welcome 2 new divers to the underworld as they are wrapping up their open water training. In addition, we’ve had Wei Yu from China take his first breaths underwater during his DSD and he was stunned by all the colours and life under the water. It’s also the 8th time we get to welcome back the Perkins family, John, James, Amy and Nadine! Thanks for the visit!

With the full moon in the sky and drastic tides we’re looking forward to what this next week has in store. They always say strange things happen during full moons….
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