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30 Jun / 2014
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Bunakan Guide at WorkThis week in Bunaken… Without our local Bunaken guides our divers would only see half of what is hidden in the coral reef as they have thousands of dives in this area. Bunaken National Park is renowned for its spectacular wall dives and extremely healthy coral, but it’s not until you go diving with one of our guides that you discover what else is hidden there.

Local guide and divemaster Sandy told me of some of the more unusual things he saw this past week. At a popular dive site called Lekuan III, Sandy took his guest along a less traveled route and headed for Cela Cela, the neighbouring dive site to Lekuan III. To his surprise, he crossed paths with a juvenile ornate ghost pipefish at around 18 meters and was even more happy to share it with his photo-enthusiast guest.

Despite the hundreds of dives each of our guides may have at a particular site, there are still things nature can do to catch them off guard. Sandy explained to me that at Pangalingan, a dive site around the volcano of Manado Tua, he experienced the strongest current of his whole dive career of over 5 years. He had to hug a huge rock just to stay close to the reef and he felt as if the rock and him would be blown away at one point. Despite the rather unnaturally strong current that day, Sandy and his guest managed to see just about any large fish in the sea, including a school of giant trevallies.

Guides Muri, Rolly and Irwan have also been busy this week in the water, finding critters like white-mouthed morays and hairy squat lobsters for their guests. They also had some nice encounters with black tip and white tip sharks just in front of Two Fish Dive Resort at a dive site called Bunaken Timur I.

It’s simply amazing what our guides at Two Fish can find you amongst all the beautiful corals of Bunaken! Thanks to all your hard work in making our dives so enjoyable and worth remembering!

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