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11 Jun / 2014
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Hi there Two Fish BlogDivemaster Internship In Lembongan – Report 1 From Bengers.  My name is Ben from the United Kingdom and I am one week into my four week Divemaster internship on the beautiful island of Lembongan. I recently moved from Singapore to Shanghai and with a bit of time on my hands I decided it was time to do the DM course.

Picking where to do it was easy, having spent two weeks diving with Two Fish Lembongan last October and being impressed with their knowledge and professionalism.  Oh, and the wonderful dive sites help!

In preparation I did the  PADI Divemaster eLearning course, which I would recommend, and also the Emergency First Response course having done it more than two years previously during my Rescue course.  What I didn’t manage to fit in was some skills session with my local Shanghai dive shop, so my first skills session was “interesting”.  Some of my skills were quite good but other definitely needed working
on!  So lots to think about and to practice for the next skills session.

I’ve no experience of the behind the scenes working of a dive shop, but everyone has been very helpful and tolerant.  On the first day I was given a daily schedule of events allowing me to plan ahead and be as prepared as possible.  But with built- in flexibility I was able to move some sessions and jump into the pool with Stephanie to try the sidemount equipment which was very interesting and thought provoking.  Thanks Stephanie!

This week I’ve done my deep dive (including planning and emergency considerations) and my search and recovery dive where we found both the spoon and the weight belt hidden in the sandy bottom, and raised the belt and weights safely to the surface using a lift bag.  Raising the spoon to the surface wasn’t quite as difficult . . .

I’ve also really enjoyed assisting on two Open Water course, but it’s not all work here.  I’ve been lucky enough to see a Mola Mola on consecutive days, manta rays, turtles, a juvenile Emperor angelfish, a lovely cow fish, a harlequin swimming crab and devil scorpion fish.  Wow!  Above the water I’m getting to know the great staff at Two Fish Lembongan, watched dive shops dancing for bragging rights at the Blue Corner bar and seen the new dive shop canopy take shape.

Bring on the next 3 weeks!More DM Intern_button

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