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23 Jun / 2014
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Decorator Anenome CrabThe full moon has just passed and that means drift diving extraordinaire in Bunaken. The currents are keeping a steady pace and throwing a few surprises now and again with some up and down currents, but these currents had all our guests smiling. Every diver knows where there is current there are fish and we had more than your average week.

Critters under watch this week include: MORAY EELS – white-mouthed & giant ; SHARKS – white tip & black tip ; CRABS – candy, anemone, sponge, decorator and more ; SHRIMPS – banded-boxers, coral whip ; TURTLES – endless amounts of green turtles and few hawksbills ; GHOST PIPE FISH – robust sea grass ghost pipe fish and ornate ones as well ; BARRACUDA GIANT JACKS BATFISH. These are just a few in addition to all the usual characters Bunaken has.

Our 18 meter long pool just got even better – waterfalls, sculptures, jumping dolphins and lovely landscaping. Now it’s not only just underwater that you can experience a lot of atmosphere, but also topside whilst chilling at the pool side with a cold drink in your hand.

Our instructors put through three new open water divers and an advanced open water diver. We’re happy to welcome them into the wonderful world of diving.

The photo this week is from Henk from Holland who spent some really nice dives with his guides John and Irwan. He especially enjoyed the mystery of Muka dive site at night where he encountered this decorator hermit crab. Thanks for the photo!

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