/// Father and Son Enjoy Some Manta Train Spotting

25 Jun / 2014
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Father and Son enjoy some manta train spottingThis week in Lembongan…. Father and Son enjoy some manta train spotting. Guided by Yayan, junior open water diver, Matthew is blessed with the experience of witnessing a Manta mating train

Once again with Commander Laurent at the helm, with luck on his side and Poseidon’s songs in his heart, together with a full boat of divers, cut through the waves in Freedom, Two Fish’s custom built speed boat. Where others dare not, Freedom tackles the larger swell with easy, coasting, all aboard, to Manta Point for an unforgettable experience with the mantas. At Laurent’s right hand, Chris, (one of our Divemasters in training) lapping up Laurent’s manta knowledge as he completes his Manta Specialty! “Full speed ahead” yells Laurent. With all aboard, the team move to the next dive site.

Before descending for the second dive, Laurent whispers to the waters to bring forth the treasures of the deep! All of a sudden, Commander Laurent, darts into the blue, confused and surprised, the dive group, in full trust, follow Laurent into the abyss. From the blue, a frenzy of banner fish huddle together. As Rendy and his diving team approached the gathering of fish, just like an express car wash, a Mola Mola enters the cluster of banner fish, assumes the positions and waits for his full service cleaning.

A big welcome to Anna, the newest Divemaster in training to join our team. Ben is in his final week of training, not long now Ben and you will be a certified PADI Divemaster! Look out for the end of his adventures in his final blog post, next week. Chris has almost finished all his specialties and is ready to get stuck into his Divemaster course. Anna is starting with the rescue course at the moment and then will jump right into her Divemaster training.

Underwater we have also seen, Juvenile Napoleon Wrasse, Angel Fish, Anemones Clownfish, Cleaner Shrimps, Candy Crabs, countless different types of Nudibranch, Giant Trevallies, Bamboo Sharks, Sea Snakes and Blue Spotted Sting Rays.More Lembongan_button

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