/// Feast of Colourful Nudibranchs in Bunaken

10 Jun / 2014
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Chromodoris Reticular in BunakenThis week in Bunaken… we have had a feast of colourful nudibranchs, starting with this great photo of a chromodoris reticular that was take by Annette who has returned for another visit but with a working strobe this time! Other colourful Nudibranchs that we found included Nembrotha Rutilans, Nembrotha Christata, Glossodoris and Janolos.

We been finding some other great small critters with a purple Halimeda Ghost Pipe Fish, yellow Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorses, Winged Pipefish and Tiger Shrimp.

We have also seen Black & White Tip Reef Sharks, Dogtooth Tuna, Napoleon Wrasse, Barracudas, Green & Hawksbill Turtles, Giant Trevally, Spotted Eagle rays, Giant Morays, Ribbons Eels, Leaf Scorpion fish, Bat fish, Common Reef Octopus, Sponge Crabs, Reef Squid, Twin Spot Lion fish Mantis Shrimps, Pink Squat Lobsters, Hinge Beek Shrimps, Candy Crabs, Pontohi Pygmy Seahorses, Ornate Ghost Pipe fish, Elegant Squat Lobsters, Algae crabs and Marble Shrimps.

This week we also want welcome back Tristan & Carmen, who were both with us in 2008. However, Tristen was with us back in 2001, he was actually our very first guest that we took diving as Two Fish Divers, in the days before we had finished the dive centre and when we had only 1 boat, 1 dive guide, and Nigel was teaching. How things have changed!
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