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24 Jun / 2014
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Sidemount Instructor TrainingTHIS WEEK IN TEC… We were really happy to welcome and train, Mark, an experienced recreational dive instructor from Holland, who spent time doing his TDI Sidemount course and is well on his way to learning to be a sidemount instructor himself! Not only was he relaxing and celebrating his wedding anniversary here on Bunaken and Lembeh, but he took the challenge to learn something new. After his free sidemount trial in the pool with Hiro and Sandy, he could not wipe the huge grin off his face and instantly went for the whole course.

We won’t bore you with all the details about how comfortable and easy Mark kept saying it was, but we can assure you Mark is one happy guy. His next plan is to continue the rest of his stay on Lembeh diving sidemount to get in lots of dives and then return home to Holland and self apply to be a sidemount instructor. He’ll be the first in his native dive area to be diving sidemount so he’s really excited to introduce this there and start people having more from their dives.

Here are a few words from his instructor, Hiro, that explain exactly our thoughts:

 I finished Mark’s sidemount and he was also really good in the water. I know he’s an instructor but he’s a really switched on positive instructor. He’s turning the BIG 50 this year and still able to take a challenge to himself, and this is something I look up to! He’s already thinking really hard how to fund it to get things all organised and he will try to get more experience to be able to teach back home. He told me that he would like to introduce Sidemount in his diving area. He’s so nice, when he told me that he was really happy that he took this course and how much he enjoyed, he was watering in his eyes! :)”

Even instructors need to further their training and keep diving new for themselves, so if you are asking yourself what can you do next, try sidemount or tec. It opens a whole new world underwater and you can easily upgrade your own instructor ratings, leading to all kind of new things!

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  • Mark Stoffels

    Mark Stoffels 26 Jun 2014

    Thx Giro and Sandy
    Glad I did the course I really enjoyed:-D
    It opens new ways of diving for me

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