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10 Jun / 2014
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sidemount diverThis week in tec, Kim, a certified cave diver got a chance to try sidemount diving in the pool for the first time with Blue Label Instructor Hiro.

His son Christian and friend Lisa were also there and found that there are still new things to try even as a divemaster. It got all three of them thinking of how cool the applications of sidemount are. 

For Kim and Christian it was not the first time using a harness-type BCD, but the idea of having tanks on the side was strange at first to them. As soon as they went underwater, you could see the smiles on their faces and the first thing they both said after coming up was, “WOW! This is nice.”
They dive steel twin-sets in Denmark and they know how hard it is for them to carry these heavy tanks to and from the dive site, so already they can see some of the practical benefits of sidemount at home.
The sidemount tryouts sparked interest in our other guests as well and one of our dive-addicted guests, Victoria, signed up for her own PADI Sidemount Speciality. More to come next week on how her course went!More about Tec Diving
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