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18 Jun / 2014
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turtle vs clown fish in lembonganThis week in Lembongan…. Turtle vs Clownfish in lembongan, Our divers witnessed the symbiotic relationship between a clownfish and an anemone at its best. As a team, they battled off a green turtle who was trying to eat the anemone.

Symbiotic relationships are a special type of interaction between species. Sometimes beneficial, sometimes harmful, these relationships are essential to many organisms and ecosystems, and they provide a balance that can only be achieved by working together. A perfect example of this is the clownfish (Nemo) and the anemone. In return for a safe and protective home, the clownfish benefits the anemone in several important ways. These include cleaning the anemone, providing nutrients in the form of waste, and scaring away predatory reef fish. Instructor Stephanie and her divers witnessed a family of clownfish fighting off a turtle trying to eat their friend and their home, the anemone.

Want to learn more about symbiotic relationships, have a look into the PADI naturalist course which can be taught as a part of the PADI advanced course or in more detail in the PADI Naturalist specialty course.  Both courses can be taught here at Two Fish Divers Lembongan.

The two fish family keeps getting bigger with another Divemaster Trainee joining our team. A big welcome to Chris who will be with us for the next 6 weeks. Keep an eye on the Two Fish Facebook page and our blog for both Chris and Ben’s running reports of the fun and experience they gain here at Two Fish.

In the ocean we have seen a nice bamboo shark asleep under some rocks, some colourful mantis shrimps, a large moray eel and blue and yellow ribbon eels, lots of lovely box fish, a pregnant puffer fish, two turtles and a banded sea snake that was 1.5 meters long. In Manta Bay we had the pleasure of diving with manta expert Lillian from the Aquatic Alliance (www.aquaticalliance.org).  We saw  seven different manta several of whom were happy to hang around as we hovered close to the bottom.  Magical.More-Lembongan_button.gif

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