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16 Jul / 2014
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Adventures of DMT Chris - USAT LibertyCan’t believe I only have one week left on the island. I have done a lot, but still have a busy week ahead of me to get the last things done for my DM certification. Hopefully it will go pretty smoothly….

After some hiccups last week, with some skills I have to redo. I Don’t have much time to redo things if I don’t meet Two Fish high quality standards once more. But it’s all good. Just have to learn from my mistakes and try again.

Yesterday we took a trip to Tulamben to dive on the USAT Liberty wreck. It was really awesome, with loads of fish and coral. Even the tiny shrimps and crabs seemed to love the attention from all the divers who wanted to see them hiding in the remains of the giant boat. It was a long, but rewarding day. When we came back it was really low tide in the bay where we usually unload the boats, so we had to jump out and push the boat close enough to unload. We still had to walk a bit of a distance with water to our knees, with all the tanks and gear. At least the guests seemed to enjoy watching us doing some hard labor for them and it was an interesting experience. Now I have to get back to work, so this will be all for this time. One last blog post to come, and hopefully it will be with some good news.More DM Intern_button

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