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30 Jul / 2014
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More Frogfish Then LembehThis week in Lembongan…. Our dive guides have been hopping around underwater with the amount of frog fish that have been spotted camouflaged in the reef. Some might even say we have found More Frogfish Than In Lembehthis week.

Giant Frogfish, Painted Frogfish and Warty Frogfish in all the colours of the rainbow have been spotted on a daily bases this last week.  Frogfish are normally quite rear here in Lembongan but the amazing ‘Lembeh trained eyes’ of our dive guides have been able to pick them tucked away in the rich and colourful reefs of Lembongan. Frogfish have a kind of jet propulsion that is often used by younger frogfish which courses them hop like a frog. This is achieved by rhythmically forcing their breath-water out through their gill openings.

Big congratulations to Chris for completing his Dive Master course. Have a look on Facebook at the photos of Chris finishing his final skill. Anna does not have too much longer to go before she will also, be all done with her Dive Master! A big welcome to Ursula who, as of tomorrow, will be starting her Dive Master course.

Frogfish are not the only thing our amazing dive guides are good at finding. We have also seen schooling juvenile barracuda, schooling batfish, trumpet fish, loads of nudibranch, garden eels, turtles, ghost pipefish, big sea snake and scorpion fish.More-Lembongan_button.gif

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  • Two Fish Divers

    Two Fish Divers 31 Jul 2014

    I challenge your Frogfish in Lembongan with a Whale Shark and a Guitar Shark in Lembeh!! 😉
    – Dani

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