/// Mola molas prematurely tease their presents

03 Jul / 2014
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Mola molas prematurely tease their presentsThis week in Lembongan…. . Still with a month before the start of the so called Mola Mola season, the Mola Molas prematurely tease their presents. Two sightings, two different dive sites, on the same day!


Blue Corner maybe know for its crazy currents, but when you dive with Two Fish Lembongan, our experience dive guides know the best times to dive to insure a comfortable dive. As the dive group cruised the reef, pushed gently by the soft current. The group was lead by head dive guide Yayan with Elias dancing around the group on sidemount, a shadow emerges from the blue. The first Mola Mola of the day swims by the dive group but not everyone got a nice photo as it did not hung around long. No worries, just wait for dive two! Once again on the 2nd dive, the strange underwater creature was caught being cleaned and was not bothered by all the photos.

When the Mola Molas are all clean its time more them to move back to the depth and time for our expert dive guides to spot other creatures hidden amongst the reef. This week we have also been seeing a lot of Sea Snakes, almost one a day, White Tip Reef Sharks, lots of Mantas at Manta Bay, Turtles, Tuna, Candy Crabs, loads of Nudibranchs, Cleaner Shrimps and Laurent saw his first Pigmy Seahorses.

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