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23 Jul / 2014
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This weMove Over Mola Mola I Am Trying To Do My Search Patternek in Lembongan… As Divemaster Trainie, Yayan started his U-Pattern for his search and recovery dive, all of a sudden, out of the blue, emerges two buggy eyes and an white oval mouth. Instructor Bryce grabs Yayan’s arm, who is engrossed in his compass, to point out the Mola Mola coming over to have a look at what the humans are doing. Bryce could almost hear Yayan say, ‘Move over Mola Mola I am trying to do my search pattern’

After the Mola Mola had inspected what was going on, the creature then relaxed it’s body and welcomed the schooling banner fish to start the cleaning process. Yayan and Bryce then took their turn to inspect the Mola Mola’s ‘bath time’. After 15 minutes of admiring the incredible creature and nature doing its thing. Yayan continued his search for the missing object, only to be interrupted once again during his expanding square, this time, by a turtle that Yayan almost swam into because again he was absorbed in his compass. Even after all the skills and the 15 minutes the divers shared with the Mola Mola, the creature was not bothered by the on lookers and continued until he was all clean before the Mola Mola drifted into the blue.

Also underwater this week we have seen: Ribbon Eels, Tuna, Turtles, Stonefish, Sea Snakes, Mantas, Giant Mantas, Huge Groupers, Scorpion Fish, Hairy Squat Lobster and a Flat Rock Crab.More-Lembongan_button_thumb.gif

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