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06 Aug / 2014
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This weCold Water And Creatures From The Deepek in Lembongan…. The cold currents are starting to flow but this is not all bad, with these cold currents, creatures from the deep come up to greet our divers. Today at Crystal Bay, Open Water and Advance students and fun divers were all blessed with a Mola Mola swimming around. Laurent’s Mola Mola dance may have brought the Mola, but he was the only one who did not see.

The cold up currents and thermoclines bring the Mola Mola up from the deep to the reef to be cleaned by the reef fish. The main cleaners of the Mola Mola are the banner fish. Normally a group of banner fish in the blue indicate a cleaning station and if the divers are lucky a Mola may venture through the thermoclines and enter these cleaning stations to remove unwanted creatures attached to the Mola’s thick skin. Even the boat crew sometimes get the chance to see Mola Mola. The Mola have been know to float close to the surface to warm up in the sun and also like Manta Rays they have been know to breech the surface to help shake the unwanted creatures. This week our boat crew saw one breech all the way out of the water as they were spotting for divers.

Besides the amazing Mola Mola, we have also seen underwater: Turtles, Mantas, barracuda, a whole family of napoleon, a school of tuna,  feather stars, tube worms, candy crabs, scorpion leaf fish, scorpion fish, stone fish, ghost pipe fish and frog fish.More-Lembongan_button.gif

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