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13 Aug / 2014
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Crazy Currents Make Crazy ShapesThis Week in Lembongan…. With the super moon that featured during this week we have had some crazy tides, these crazy tides have brought some crazy currents. But this just adds to the fun in Lembongan. These crazy currents make crazy shapes underwater.

Yes Lembongan is quite know for its strong currents but these current effect the underwater coral life to create some pretty interesting shapes. Coral such as Whip Coral is very effected by the currents, the whip bends, twists and turns with the flow of the current causing it to adapt to the conditions. Gorgonia Sea Fans are also effected by the currents and will grow facing the strongest currents so it can reach its long fingers out to catch the rushing nurturance cursing in the currents. Coral is not the only creature effected my the current, one way our dive guides judge the direction and strength of the current is by watching the fish. The fish will swim against the current allowing water to pass over the gills easier. Biggest predatory fish will use the currents to assist in their hunting.

Tucked away in the reef hiding from the currents we have also seen, Candy Crabs, Painted Frog Fish, Warty Frog Fish, Barracuda, Loads of Manta Rays, Mola Molas, Paul (Tosh) Tanner, Blue Spotted Rays, Scorpion Leaf Fish, Schooling Tuna, Red Tooth Trigger Fish, Bat Fish, Sea Snakes, Dog Fin Tuna and MoraysMore-Lembongan_button_thumb.gif

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