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04 Aug / 2014
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A week of unexpected creatures!This week in Lembeh our attention has been somewhat diverted on a couple of occasions away from the tiny critters hiding in the muck… With a juvenile Whale Shark and a Guitar Shark both being seen you could say it’s been a week of unexpected creatures!

One of our lucky boats spotted a Whale Shark on their surface interval at Batu Sandar! The three and a half meter juvenile is still considered small for a Whale Shark, but is enormous when compared to what we usually spot on our dives here in Lembeh! The Whale Shark was spotted by the boat captain as it was swimming very close to the surface, and all of our guests got to spend 20 minutes snorkeling with it :)

Our other unexpected encounter was a Guitar Shark on a night dive!! We have only ever spotted Coral Cat Sharks on the night dives here so everyone was incredibly surprised including the dive guides.

Aside from our exceptional large creatures we have also had a great couple of weeks for the macro life! Last week our feature was Ghost Pipefish – the Ornate Ghost Pipefish in particular and we are still seeing lots of them on several sites including our house reef! But we also had a special sighting of the Velvet Ghost Pipefish, this is the rarest Ghost Pipefish (even for Lembeh!) and we usually have only a couple of sightings per year of these beauties… We saw a pair with the larger female which was cerise pink and the smaller male which was lilac :)

Other great finds this week have been the Mototi Octopus, the return of the Hairy Frogfish and the Paddleflap Scorpionfish (Rhinopias Eschmeyeri) , Kuiters Dragonet, Ambon Scorpionfish galore, Mimic Octopus, Blue Ringed Octopus, free swimming Ribbon Eels, five (yes, 5!) Bobbit Worms on one single night dive, Stargazers and Starry Night Octopus.

We’ve also had a busy week for courses with Advanced Open Water certifications for Ivy, Camille and Bastien and Nitrox certification for Michael. Also our Course Director Marlies Lang was here teaching the MSDT Prep for Quinne who recently passed her IDC in Bunaken. Well done to all.

Thanks to Eric for the Bobbit Worm photo.
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