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16 Mar / 2017
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Imagine you are at the moment in life where you would be able to choose whatever you like to do, you do not have any responsibilities and could choose anything you want; what pops up in your mind? What would you love to do or experience?

From land to sea

In January this year, I passed the challenge of my life by graduating from Bachelor of Business Administration. It was very intense and it exhausted me. However, during my studies I was able to do my semester exchange in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. I fell in love with the country, people and culture. Together with my housemates we went on many trips inside this beautiful country and in one of my trips I did my Open Water course. A new world revealed itself. I saw turtles, sharks and other impressive creatures which I had no clue of what it was, but it really interested me. After my semester in Jogja, I rented a scooter in Bali, wrapped my backpack on the back of my scooter and drove around the island for all the dive hotspots, got my Advanced Adventurer, went to Flores, the Komodo Islands, and to the Gili’s. Diving became my thing!

Before I graduated, I had so many things in my head that I wished to do. But the same day I graduated, I sat in front of my laptop searching for Dive Master trainings. Back in Indonesia, people kept on telling me about Bunaken, and how beautiful it was for diving. As easy as it is these day, I typed in “Dive master training Bunaken” in Google and found Two Fish Divers. Not even 2 weeks later I accidentally bought all my dive gear, plane tickets and visa. An eight weeks program in Bunaken, Lembeh and Nusa Lembongan was booked. “Off I go” I thought!

Welcome back in Indonesia

The moment I arrived in Indonesia, it felt like coming home after a long time. However, my first night in a hostel in Bali was awful: my new bag with all my new gear got peed on by a drunken idiot who thought she was sitting on a toilet. And no, that is not a typo, unfortunately, it was a “she”. Lucky me it could not get any worse on this point. The next day I flew to Manado, North Sulawesi, and arrived in the Two Fish Divers Bunaken resort. A-ma-zing! I got a nice cottage with a shared bathroom which I barely have to share. I even have a hot shower! The people were so lovely and welcoming. Within a couple of days all the staff greeted me with a friendly “Hello Michelle, how are you?”, very inviting!


Every morning at 6:30 you get ready to help the guys out with the tanks, prepare the equipment for the guests and yours, and get everything on the boat. While carrying the tanks, you will again be greeted by 10 people saying good morning in Behasa Indonesia: “Selamat pagi, Michelle”, and your day full of diving is about to begin with a very pleasant atmosphere. When all the equipment is on the boat, you can have some breakfast. The choice is almost endless; boiled eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, omelette, (banana) pancakes, rice porridge, french toast, cereals, fresh fruit, (toasted) bread, and, of course, nasi goreng (fried rice).
My first dive after months was great and gorgeous. The coral is very healthy in Bunaken and there are turtles everywhere. Even though I love macro stuff, the big fishes still impress me. I mean, who does not like turtles?

Nose towingMichelle blog 2

Before I started with the Dive Master training, I had to take the EFR and Rescue Diver course. It was not a problem that I had SSI Advanced level and continued with Padi. Csaba, an Hungarian man, joined me in the Rescue Diver course. I could not have wished for a better partner. We had so much fun with practicing the skills, and the scenarios. In a certain moment I ended up towing him by his nose instead of via his armpit, BCD or tank, and almost broke his nose. At least he did not die nor get water in his airways, right?!
In one of the final scenarios, I had to throw the rope with the ring towards the victim and Csaba. I got the ring, made sure the rope was attached and threw the ring towards them….. I my swings are often very bad placed, but that was the least concern. The ring flew away and the rope followed the ring a few seconds later, unattached…. Did I mention already that sometimes I could be a little bit clumsy? At least Markus, the instructor, had a laugh, as usual because of my clumsiness! Nevertheless, we continued our scenarios and worked as a team: one gave rescue breaths whereas the other one towed to the boat and screamed for help. The victim was carried on the boat, one provided rescue breaths and CPR, and the other one made the oxygen ready and arranged the logistics. All by all, the Rescue Diver course was a wonderful experience for me! And one step closer to my goal to become a Dive Master!!

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