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21 Nov / 2014
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Two Fish, The Right ChoiceAfter my first day of diving at Two Fish Divers Lembongan, I walked up to Laurent, the resort manager and told him that I am interested in doing my divemaster course with Two Fish.

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21 Nov / 2014
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Flashy Flamboyant CuttlefishThis week in Lembeh we have been seeing the flashy flamboyant cuttlefish on numerous dive sites. Enough to a point where some photographers no longer turn on their cameras for them. That’s saying something….
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20 Nov / 2014
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protecting sharks and rays
Welcome to our Weekly Roundup! Last week we had devils and scorpions, wishing upon a stargazer, strange snorkel masks, and Fintastic news as CMS agrees to protecting sharks and rays.
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19 Nov / 2014
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DMT Isabelle - DSD, mapping and a bad back
This week of my divemaster training was once again a lot of fun, although a little less full on because after my foot injury I managed to give myself a back injury… Not even lifting tanks the wrong way, just simply by pushing it with my legs bent and somehow I must have pulled something in my lower back since I heard a crack… So during those dry days I took my theory exam and standards exam and passed both. After a couple of days everything got into place with my back problems and now it’s business as usual.
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16 Nov / 2014
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porcelain crabThis Week in Bunaken…. Spoting Porcelain crabs during a dive. These brightly coloured  and patternated elusive crustaceans measuring upto 2cm can usually be found seeking shelter between the tentacles or the underside of sea anemones. Like the clown fish that live among the anemones the porcelain crab employs the same method to avoid being stung, coating itself in the anemone mucus tricking it into thinking its is part of itself. 

Congratulations to Holger for completing his Deep dive speciality with Sandy, he can now plan a dive to 40m taking into account all the different variables this entails. During these dives he was able to fully understand the affects of being narced (Nitrogen narcosis) as he completed an underwater navigation excercise he did not use the compass as he normaly would. Upon surfacing he realised what he did and that it was incorrect, such is the danger of being under the influence of Nitrogen at depth.

This week our Divemaster, Holger has been very busy organising a cleanup of a dive site in front of the village by the jetty. A big thank you to all the guests and staff who participated  in the clean up. After the unglamorous chore of cataloging and weighing the debris we collected over 200kg of rubbish from the sea floor in 40 minutes.The most unusual item was a baby bouncer along with the usual debris of clothes and discarded cans and bottles. During the clean up we had an  impromptu audience and band from the village watching, hopefully this will encourage further participation.

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