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divemaster traineeThis has been a week since I arrived at Two Fish Divers as a Divemaster trainee. I first spent 4 days in Lembeh, a small island off the coast off north Sulawesi (another bigger island of Indonesia). It effectively means that I am at the EDGE of the world. It “only” took me 50 hours to get there. But man, it’s well worth it. It’s heaven. Here’s a cheesy sunset picture as teaser … but let’s backtrack a little bit…
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07 Oct / 2016

rhinopias scorpion fish in amed's house reefAmed’s House Reef is teeming with life at the moment: we’ve been spotting families of ornate ghost pipefish regularly, and a few days ago, this brightly colored Rhinopias (weedy scorpion fish) made his home here (thanks Nina Banks for the picture). Not enough? There have been blue-ringed octopus, too.

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engagement ring fish lembehThe rare Engagement Ring Fish was spotted in Lembeh this week after Will arranged for a beautiful underwater proposal to Jo. The ring was placed in a Giant Clamshell and left for Jo to discover. After she check-marked “YES” on a provided slate, they received underwater congratulations from 15 fellow Two Fish divers. It was an unforgettable proposal to everyone present, and one guest admitted to even tearing up a bit in her mask… Two Fish sends a huge congratulations to Will, Jo and their families on their beautiful engagement!
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06 Oct / 2016
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marco-blog2As training continues, I feel I am getting more autonomous every day. It’s really nice to feel your knowledge, skills and confidence level growing – both in the water and on land. I now have a more precise idea of how the dive center operates, what there is to do with divers from check-in to check-out. I also realize I know the diving spots better – I gained in spatial awareness underwater and I’m better at finding stuff.
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05 Oct / 2016
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TScorpion Fish In Lembonganhis week in Lembongan… The fish that we want to focus on is the scorpion fish, as you have to focus quiet a bit to see them. Scott, one of our current PADI Divemaster trainees, spotted a pretty large scorpion fish while diving on the north coast of Nusa Penida a few days ago. Normally hard to spot with the amazing camouflage ability, this one, due to it’s size, was a bit easier to point out!

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