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12 Aug / 2014
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Manta with divers when diving in BunakenTHIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN…. WOW, a MANTA RAY was spotted on a dive, just goes to show that you can see anything around Bunaken!!
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06 Aug / 2014
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This weCold Water And Creatures From The Deepek in Lembongan…. The cold currents are starting to flow but this is not all bad, with these cold currents, creatures from the deep come up to greet our divers. Today at Crystal Bay, Open Water and Advance students and fun divers were all blessed with a Mola Mola swimming around. Laurent’s Mola Mola dance may have brought the Mola, but he was the only one who did not see.

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04 Aug / 2014
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A week of unexpected creatures!This week in Lembeh our attention has been somewhat diverted on a couple of occasions away from the tiny critters hiding in the muck… With a juvenile Whale Shark and a Guitar Shark both being seen you could say it’s been a week of unexpected creatures!
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30 Jul / 2014
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More Frogfish Then LembehThis week in Lembongan…. Our dive guides have been hopping around underwater with the amount of frog fish that have been spotted camouflaged in the reef. Some might even say we have found More Frogfish Than In Lembehthis week.

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23 Jul / 2014
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This weMove Over Mola Mola I Am Trying To Do My Search Patternek in Lembongan… As Divemaster Trainie, Yayan started his U-Pattern for his search and recovery dive, all of a sudden, out of the blue, emerges two buggy eyes and an white oval mouth. Instructor Bryce grabs Yayan’s arm, who is engrossed in his compass, to point out the Mola Mola coming over to have a look at what the humans are doing. Bryce could almost hear Yayan say, ‘Move over Mola Mola I am trying to do my search pattern’

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