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13 Feb / 2015
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Rhinopias Have Returned!This Week in Lembeh… Rhinopias have returned! We have been seeing a Paddle Flap Scorpionfish, Rhinopias eschmeyeri, fairly consistently on one of our dives. These rare scorpionfish are a real treat when found. This one, still a juvenile, is only about 3 inches big was found by Nicole who has been staying with us for about 2 months now! Last time she visited she also found 2 Rhinopias!

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11 Feb / 2015
Author: Bryce Tags: There is no tags Comments: 1

Kit and The ExplorersThis week in Lembongan… Kit has been diving with us for just over 10 days now and had the urge to explore something new. With Google maps open and informed knowledge from experience locals, the adventure was set.

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09 Feb / 2015
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juvenile batfish in bunakenThis week in Bunaken… The weather gods have been all over the place this week with stunning sunshine that became pouring rain and back to sun again in just a blink of the eye. This didn’t put off the divers though who were rewarded with great sightings; plenty of reef sharks, sting rays, the usual abundance of friendly turtles as well as large cuttlefish, schools of squid and tunas and giant trevallies hunting small fish. One exciting treat spotted on Tanjung Parigi was a gorgeous little juvenile batfish trying to look like a flatworm. (Photo: Ina Wallin)
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06 Feb / 2015
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Octopus “Rain” the straightThis week in Lembeh….Octopus “Rain” the straight. You never know which way to look because octopus have been everywhere, even falling from the sky. We were able to watch a lopsided battle between a crab and a coconut octopus mere inches from the surface. As the octopus floated back down to join us, 8m deep, it clutched it’s prize tightly.
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04 Feb / 2015
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Flipping FlippersThis week in Lembongan… Dive guide Andy is normally the one with all the luck, he may have been the only one on the dive that did not see them but his good luck made sure everyone else did see these dolphin’s flipping flippers.
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