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04 Nov / 2010
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107 Ornate Ghost Pipefish-1 Sharon Van Den Brink and some friends from England, joined us at Two Fish Bunaken for Halloween and found her own Ghost underwater, along with many other creatures.

Here is a picture of her Ghost pipefish, check out more of Sharon’s photo’s from Bunaken.

Thanks Sharon for her pictures!

02 Nov / 2010
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We love Night Dives here at Two Fish Divers Lembeh and we were eager to go out and see what was hiding out on our house reef. Usually we go out around 6pm for night dives but we decided to see what comes out to play later on. Giant Nudi

After allowing our dinner to settle, we kitted up and walked into the house reef with our torches on and submerged ourselves into the darkness.

We headed straight down to the area where we have started to develop an artificial reef ( how to come on this soon!) to see what hangs around there later at night. We came across a huge Spanish Dancer which most have been at least 40-50cm long and at least 15cm wide!! It was so large, Bent (one of the guests who decided to come with us!) couldn’t get the whole thing into one picture! We were out there again the night before last and we are glad to say that this huge beauty is still hanging around out there.

We also saw plenty of Cleaner Shrimps, Boxer Shrimp and Commensal shrimp as well as different types of crabs, squid, moray eels and a large Banded Snake Eel what was out of his hole hunting!

More good news is that we have seen mating Manadarinfish again in the stag horn corals on our house reef. It

If anyone has any photos of some of the cool critters that they saw on a night dive here in Lembeh, then please send it through to us @ helen@twofishdivers.com and we get it posted for everyone to see!

01 Nov / 2010
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10-21-22-2010 124 Back for their third visit to Two Fish, Tom and Karen brought with them all the ingredients for a Smoor’s Night Celebration.

For the uninitiated, as we were, this entails roasting Marshmallows over the barbeque and sandwiching them between Gran biscuits with chocolate. A very messy treat! Both the staff and the guests had a very messy and enjoyable time. Zack had two helpings!

A big thanks to Tom and Karen for lugging everything from the States.

Here are a selection of Some of their wonderful photos, above & below the water!


27 Oct / 2010
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October has been a great month for sightings of the Wonderpus with one literally being seen on nearly every dive and some dives seeing more than one! NB9613mvr

Wonderpus (Wonderpus photogenicus) are solitary octopodes, who are usually buried themselves in the sand in the shallows. They will display a brown and white stripped pattern when agitated or hunting. This pattern and its ‘stalked’ eyes  makes them easy to recognize.

However many people mistake the  Wonderpus for the Mimic Octopus when they first come across it and to the untrained eye this is quite understandable. The Wonderpus is smaller and its stripes are more defined than those of the Mimic Octopus. Also the Wonderpus is just happy being himself and so doesn’t spend time pretending to be other critters to amuse divers!

Thank you to Nasfay Bela for allowing us to use this beautiful shot of the Wonderpus. Check an eye out on future blogs for more of his amazing shots!

26 Oct / 2010
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Frogfish face We had some great diving last week. The blue-ring octopus and mola-mola captured the headlines, but we also saw clown frog-fish, a brown pontohi sea horse as well as the normal white one, and robust & ornate ghost-pipe fish.

We also had some incredible night dives – marble shrimps, sponge-crabs and other small crabs.

Bunaken gets alot of critters but they are alot harder to photograph than Lembeh!


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