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17 Jul / 2011
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Our two candidates, James and Jin have just finished their IDC. After 10 days of hard work they finally finished!!First IDC of the year in Bunaken!!

Brendond and Tina organized a proper graduation party!!With few games and lots of drinking!!

Jin didn’t have time for DM party when he finished because he join the IDC straight away so we make all in one!!

First of all, just to warm up, Jin and James did their snorkel test with minor spitting. Great job!! After Jin demonstrated how to remove and replace a BCD. He is going to be a instructor so the standards are high!! Of course as a penalty for any mistake he had to drink.

To finish Jin sang a song which is part of Brendon’s Shark Guardian presentation.

He did have lots of fun, we hope that Jin and James also….

Jin left yesterday after almost one month with us, we wish the best of the luck on his diving career!![slideshow]

09 Jul / 2011
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In Lembeh our guests enjoyed a roasted pig dinner – BABI PUTAR. Our staff prepared and cooked the pig. It was slowly spit-roasted over a fire made from coconut husks and wood for around 4 hours until cooked to perfection (cheers Enggi)! It was enjoyed by all – Delicious!

08 Jul / 2011
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We have currently running our first IDC of the year.

Jin who just finished his Divemaster Course with us, is going to go one step forward!

Right now Jin are James are doing his INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT COURSE in Two Fish Bunaken!! Tina and Brendon are teaching the PADI standards to be a proper instructors. In few weeks they are going to be ready to share the amazing underwater life with others, teaching PADI Open Water Diver Course, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course, PADI Rescue Diver Course and PADI Divemaster Course.[slideshow]

05 Jul / 2011
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Yesterday we certified as a Junior Advanced Open Water divers to Balam and Roby (14 and 12 years old)

They choose underwater photography specialty and this are some of their best pictures!!



01 Jul / 2011
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Our Course Director Brendon Sing is presenting a weekly Shark Guardian Presentation at Two Fish Bunaken. As divers we do care about sharks and this is a great way to learn more about them and have chat about this subject at Blue Parrot Cafe.

The Shark Guardian multimedia based slide show has been in development for over 10 years. The presentation is unique and incorporates a combination of brilliant images and films, leaving the audience amazed and with a new found insight and appreciation for sharks. The presentation is designed to show people the true and natural beauty of sharks, their role in the eco-system and why sharks are vital for all life on Earth. The Shark Guardian presentation is suitable for all ages and when necessary it is altered to suit the audience.

As part of the presentation Brendon wants to show the audience how they can help and get involved with shark conservation efforts anywhere in the world. Through education and action, with the belief that we can make a difference and with the right motivation, we can achieve stronger protection for sharks worldwidePLEASE VISIT THE SHARK GUARDIAN WEBSITE





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