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15 Jul / 2016
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Velvet Ghostpipefish Much to the surprise and delight of our Two Fish Divers, the rare and beautiful Velvet Ghostpipefish made an appearance in Lembeh this week! Though we are accustomed to seeing Ornate and Robust Ghostpipefish with some regularity, the Velvet Ghostpipefish is rarely encountered. Its bright red coloration might make you question its ability to camouflage, but in reality it does a beautiful job of impersonating a common red sponge that grows throughout Lembeh. Next on our wish list is a Halimeda Ghostpipefish sighting, which is just as rarely encountered as the Velvet. The Halimeda Ghostpipefish lives up to its name by impersonating Halimeda algae, and it just as fascinating as its beautiful Velvet cousin.
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14 Jul / 2016
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Preparing for your tech diving courseSo you’ve booked a tech diving course. Whether it’s a few days away, weeks or months, naturally this is a time to get excited – and it’s a time to start preparing for that course.

It doesn’t make a difference if this is your first ever time doing any technical diving or if you’ve tried twinsets and sidemount before, there are a few things you can do right now to make sure you get the most out of your time with your instructor.

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13 Jul / 2016
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Moray Eels in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Our dive guides have been spotting a lot of giant moray eels along the reef dive sites of Nusa Penida. These creatures pop their heads out of the holes in the reef and water the fish swim on by. 
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12 Jul / 2016
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The first 2 weeks of my Divemaster training have been busy, reviewing skills learned in previous courses, as well as learning a lot of new things as well.  I started with the Drift Diving specialty course, which is one of my favourite types of diving as I love feeling like I’m flying through the water, watching an underwater movie!
I’ve assisted with several courses, an Advanced Open Water, re-activate and an Open Water course.  Watching someone diving for the first time was fantastic, seeing him looking all around in amazement, and then surfacing and raving about how much he had enjoyed the experience – it was a great feeling helping someone discover the underwater world I love so much!

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11 Jul / 2016
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dive against debris off bunaken villageThis weeks ‘dive against debris’ at our adopted dive site Muka Kampung in front of the Bunaken village was very successful. 10 guests and 7 staff joined in to collect in total 18 kg of debris. The strangest piece of debris was a bike tyre. It was a beautiful day and most of us went snorkeling as most of the debris is found shallow on top of the reef or on the surface. Everybody had a lot of fun drifting on a mild current above this beautiful dive site with amazing corals.
Compared to the last ‘dive against debris’ we collected two trash bags less but heavier items instead.
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