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26 Dec / 2014
Author: Luke Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0

IMG_0513This week in Lembeh ….. Tigers roam free. Spiny Tiger shrimp have been seen on numerous dives here in the past week. All excited for the Christmas celebrations maybe. We have had some amazing dinners and enjoyed the company of the guests staying here.
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22 Dec / 2014
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Wim, Assisting With PADI Open Water In BunakenFull Power ahead! I have finished a few more chapters from my DM manual and have wrestled through many chapters of my instructors manual.
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21 Dec / 2014
Author: Ina Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0

Bumping heads with bumphead parrotfishThis week in Bunaken… “I saw parrot fish!” This might not be the first thing we mention when we come up from a dive as it is easy to get spoiled with always seeing these pretty and very colourful fish. But it is for sure something special to see a school of bumphead parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum) descend on the reef to feed.
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20 Dec / 2014
Author: matt_twofish Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0

Wunderpus-tasticThis week in Lembeh….. we have been getting Christmas ready! Therefore its only fitting to have our DMT Pia find a living candy cane under water! Wunderpus-tastic.
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18 Dec / 2014
Author: Two Fish Blog Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0

Two Fish Divers weekly update Peeing in your wetsuit, sargassums and octopi
Welcome to our Weekly Roundup! Last week we had some sargassums, octopi, TEC50 courses, some amazing views of the ocean and peeing in your wetsuit.
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