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27 Oct / 2010
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October has been a great month for sightings of the Wonderpus with one literally being seen on nearly every dive and some dives seeing more than one! NB9613mvr

Wonderpus (Wonderpus photogenicus) are solitary octopodes, who are usually buried themselves in the sand in the shallows. They will display a brown and white stripped pattern when agitated or hunting. This pattern and its ‘stalked’ eyes  makes them easy to recognize.

However many people mistake the  Wonderpus for the Mimic Octopus when they first come across it and to the untrained eye this is quite understandable. The Wonderpus is smaller and its stripes are more defined than those of the Mimic Octopus. Also the Wonderpus is just happy being himself and so doesn’t spend time pretending to be other critters to amuse divers!

Thank you to Nasfay Bela for allowing us to use this beautiful shot of the Wonderpus. Check an eye out on future blogs for more of his amazing shots!

26 Oct / 2010
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Frogfish face We had some great diving last week. The blue-ring octopus and mola-mola captured the headlines, but we also saw clown frog-fish, a brown pontohi sea horse as well as the normal white one, and robust & ornate ghost-pipe fish.

We also had some incredible night dives – marble shrimps, sponge-crabs and other small crabs.

Bunaken gets alot of critters but they are alot harder to photograph than Lembeh!


25 Oct / 2010
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winnerIn October, Ann Clear came back to Two Fish Divers Lembeh to claim her First Prize that she won in the Two Fish Divers 2008 Photo Competition.

To the left is her prize-winning shot of an Elysia ornata eating. This species has a yellow transparent body and has black and yellow small spots. It also has a curly orange edge and black lines at the mantle. They can grow up to 4 cm and they are found mostly in rubble or sandy areas. Below are the other two shots that she submitted to the competition! Hairy

Ann and her husband Les, enjoyed another two weeks of great diving here in Lembeh and I know that Ann is going to enter again this year!! If you are interested in entering then click on the below for more information on the prizes and how you can enter! 



22 Oct / 2010
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Luke & Meagan This week we said goodbye to Luke & Meagan. They were with us initially for 6weeks for their DM Internship, then they decided to extend by another 1-2 months to do their Instructor Internship (this included their Instructor Development Course, IDC).

Thanks for all your help guys (with guests, courses, diving, etc) and good luck with your diving careers!

22 Oct / 2010
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Robbie and Dave came to stay with in July this year and had such an awesome time that they have already booked to come back and stay with us again for two weeks in April 2011!! A true couple of Muck Diving addicts and they are bringing some more friends along to experience the wonders of the Lembeh Straits!

During their stay they particularly enjoyed night diving with Sem, their guide and Robbie managed to take some pretty cool shots of some of the critters that you see at night!!

Anemone Hermit Crabs are a staple of the Lembeh night dive and it is always fun to watch them rock and roll their way over the rubbley bottoms! I was always laugh when they fall off a rock they they were across!

Stargazers (Uranoscopus sp) are a favourite for divers to try and find on the night dives and from this picture you maybe wondering why – they are not the prettiest critter out there! But they are only seen occasionally and so this makes a sighting all the more special! Stargazers are solitary fish who you find in the sandy bottoms usually with only their eyes and mouth sticking out. It is rare to see them swimming but we witnessed this just the other day on a day dive!

Thanks again to Robbie for sending through these photographs and again we are looking forward to having you back in Lembeh next year!

If anyone else has photos from their stay in Lembeh and would like to see them including on our blog then please send them (compressed please :-) ) to helen@twofishdivers.com .

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