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10 Jan / 2015
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Muck DivingI have been SO busy with my DMT course trying to get it all finished, but not rushing things so I really learn and feel comfortable with it all. We are now at the third location of Two Fish Divers in Lembeh Strait, north east tip of North Sulawesi. It is a major shipping port, but we are across the strait on an island, as usual. lol So, here is the land of MUCK diving. Yes, I said muck! What the heck is that? I asked that question months back whilst planning this trip and my MSDT husband was jumping up and down in excitement that my DMT course was going to take us to Lembeh, a photographer’s dream place.

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09 Jan / 2015
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ThPYGMY SEAHORSES WRECKED…is week in Lembeh… Pygmy Seahorses were just wrecked! Though it would be funny to see a drunk pygmy seahorse, they usually are just high on life but scattered throughout one of our shipwrecks. The Mawali wreck, an old Japanese cargo ship from the Second World War, has Bargibanti seahorses all over the place. That’s just one of many highlights that have got our guests asking to go.
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06 Jan / 2015
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Saving Bunaken From Crown Of ThornsAnother busy period behind!

-All theory and exercises are now finished:

-Just finished my treading water, in the sea this time!

-I was able to assitet with Asker and Camilla’s course and now both are certified Open Water Divers and Advance Open Water divers!

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05 Jan / 2015
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happy new year in bunaken (1 of 1)This week in Bunaken… Happy New Year everybody! Here in Bunaken we welcomed the new year with great fireworks on the beach in front of the cafe and the rain that had been on and off all day finally stopped to allow us a great celebration. Plenty of sparkles were passed around and in the photo you can see our tec instructor Dom trying to spell out Two Fish with a sparkle. Unfortunately it was only enough sparkle for “TWO” before it burned out! You get an A for effort though! Thank you Phil Clarke for the photo.
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02 Jan / 2015
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Nudi New YearsThis week in Lembeh we welcomed in the New Year watching a flashy firework display. Likewise the waters have exploded with their own firework display in the form of Nudibranch’s. It’s been a Nudi New Years so far, everything from Pikachu to Malibeh to Warty to Solar, and every color under the sun.
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