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29 Oct / 2014
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Finding Nemo In LembonganThis week in Lembongan… The false clown anemone fish (A.K.A Nemo) have been entertaining our divers as they dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge there way around the protective tentacles of the anemone.
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27 Oct / 2014
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Hermit CrabThis week in Bunaken… The next time you pick up an empty shell on the beach and pocket it to take home, just think of all the hermit crabs that would have loved to move into such a nice home. That’s right, with more and more shells going as souvenirs to be placed on bookshelves, our dearly loved hermit crabs are experiencing the worst ever real estate crash here on Bunaken. Here’s a picture of a local hermit crab who still has his home (although a bit shabby looking). The photo was taken by our repeater guests from Germany – Mendy & Andreas.
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26 Oct / 2014
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Blueringed-tastic in LembehThis week our guests have been having a Blueringed-tastic time in Lembeh, nearly every day we have been having sightings of these rare octopus. As well as these we have also been having a lot of the usual suspects as well, coconut, log arm, starry night, mimic and the lovely wunderpus octopus.
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23 Oct / 2014
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amazing Shark Buses of Hong KongWelcome to our Weekly Roundup! Last week we had aliens, trimix diving, the end of tanks, ghostpipefish and the amazing Shark Buses of Hong Kong!
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22 Oct / 2014
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Whale Shark, Molas and MantaThis Week in Lembongan…. It has been a week of large creatures with our divers seeing Whale Shark, Molas and Mantas. Dive guide Rein and his divers had one amazing dive in which they saw 2 molas within the first 10 minutes and a whale shark not long after that.

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