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04 Feb / 2009
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We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2008 Photo competition: 



They both win a 5-day holiday with us in Bunaken or Lembeh.

More details of the results and other winners can be found on our 2008 Photo Competition web page and all the entries can be found at Two Fish on Flickr. Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to all our 2008 customers for the entries!

Keep track of for our 2009 Photo Competition!

02 Feb / 2009
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Here is a photo of our newest “staff member” . How cute is that?2009_0202SEA20080002

11 Jan / 2009
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IMG_2297Over the last couple of weeks we have had great weather here at Lembeh. Not only have our guests seen flamboyant cuttlefish, stargazers, hairy frogfish, and clown frogfish, but also the latest Lembeh discovery, named the Lembeh Dragon. It looks a little bit like a pipefish and a little bit like a sea horse, and is a wee little critter about 3-4 cm long – see photo on right taken  by Chris Payne, who stayed with us at Two Fish Divers Lembeh in early January

23 Dec / 2008
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bunaken-xmas1 It was the turn of Two Fish Divers on Bunaken to host their XMas party on Mon 15 Dec. We had about 150 people, mostly our guests, our staff and their families.

An hour long service of songs included a carol sang by the kids of our staff, which was really good.bunaken-xmas2

After the service, a huge buffet was served that consisted of mainly local dishes, this was a great hit by staff and guests alike.

Merry Xmas everyone!!

14 Dec / 2008
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Last Thursday I was diving at Hin Muang / Hin Daeng in the South Andaman Sea (SW of Phuket, Thailand) when along came a very large Manta Ray.  It cruised around for quite a while.  On the next dive, a couple more Mantas arrived and glided around for most of the dive.   They seem to enjoy swimming through bubbles.  One came within a meter of me before passing over my head.  Magic!

To watch two minutes of video footage of the Manta Rays, please visit this page on my website: http://web.me.com/peter.walker/peterwalker.com/Mantas.html

(emailed to TwoFish by Peter Walker)

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