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28 Jun / 2010
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Everyone thinks that we have it really easy living here in Lembeh but we wanted to share with you all the hard work that been going into building an artificial reef on our House Reef!!  Follow this link to see all the photos http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4179322291&ref=ts#!/album.php?aid=181830&id=7507694316 but there is a taster of some of them below!

There is still a long way to go but we are getting there. We are currently in the process of planning and building our next structures so we’ll keep you informed!

The good news is it does seem to be working. Lots of shrimps (including a couple of Coral Banded Boxer Shrimps), pipefish and juvenile fish have moved in.

If you have any suggestions with regards to structures for the house reef then please email us @ helen@twofishdivers.com .

19 Jun / 2010
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In a previous blog you saw that we were busy building a home for fish on our house reef to live in. Recently we had a quiet afternoon, so we rounded up the staff to pitch in Picture 014and help get the structure into the water, which they gladly did! We (well Opo and Gizmo) had decided to build quite a large house and so it was all hands on deck to get it onto the boat – as you can see from the looks on all of the guys’ faces!! Helen was there giving ‘help’ from behind the camera!!

Picture 003

Once the house was on the boat, Gizmo, Opo, Franz and Steven headed underwater so that they could locate the spot we had picked out for the house. Once they had sent up a SMB ( Surface Marker Buoy for those of you that weren’t sure what that meant!), Hendro, Yusuf and Billy started to slowly and carefully lower the fish house in with a rope.

Picture 020

As you can see we had positioned one of the guides ( Steven) to help guide the house on its way down and it safely was put into position by the guides as you can see in the pictures below. Gizmo was there helping out and making sure we got some pictures of the big moment!).

Picture 024

We are regularly going to check on the structures and are happy to report that they are taking well. We’ll get some pictures up soon!

It really was a group effort with all of the staff getting involved to help and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the guys.

16 Jun / 2010
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“Who??,” we hear you cry!  Its the lovely Boxer Crab of course!

We found this little guy at a close-by dive site, recently, hiding in some coral rubble extremely shallow. As you can imagine we and our guests were all pretty excited to see Crab Party! JPG comphim as they are pretty rare and are often hiding under small rocks, so making them even harder to find!! It seems like there was some kind of crustacean party going on – look at the two other little crabs he was hanging around with!!

You will notice it has a distinct colour pattern and enjoys a mutualistic relationship with small anemones, which is carries in its claws. The anemone’s stinging cells protect the boxer crab against predators, in return boxer crab provide food for its protectors. Boxer crabs use at least three different species of anemones,  Bundeopsis sp and Triactis producta. The bonding with the anemone is not required for their survival and boxer crabs have been known to live without them and sometimes substituting other organisms such as sponges and corals. Boxer Crab JPG comp

We had already enjoyed a lovely dive before we happened upon the crab on our safety stops ( which went on for about 20 minutes so that everyone could get a good look!) – we had seen Wonderpus, Seahorses and a free-swimming Ribbon eel which is another rarity!

12 Jun / 2010
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Congratulations to Tanya for completing her Digital Underwater Photography Specialty.

Tanya’s first time ever taking photos under water, and what amazing results! Proving it’s not as hard as people think, her best photos were actually taken with white balance, rather than point and shoot.

A few our her favourite photos shown here include a fun reverse picture of herself, taken by herself, an orangutan crab who will always be known as King Louis, a hiding Blue-Spotted Ribbontail Ray, a beautiful macro shot of hard coral, a sleek Chromodoris Willani Nudibranch, and last but certainly not least, the cheeky looking Orange Anemonefish.

Have fun with your new camera Tanya and enjoy taking many more amazing shots.


08 Jun / 2010
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great fun On Saturday 5th June, Two Fish Divers Participated in a big Discover Scuba Diving day for the local people of Manado, put together by North Sulawesi Watersports Association (NSWA).

The new PADI IDC format requires that candidates now have to undertake an “Intro to Diving” workshop. This event coincided with the last day of our IDC so we had our IDC candidates as well as instructors and course director helping out!

The purpose of this event was to increase awareness to the locals of Manado by showing them just a little part of what kind of life and wonderful things we can find underwater. Hopefully this will bring more interest from the communities to protect their natural resources, making a profit out of the wonders they already have, instead of over developing the area.

We also had the pleasure of taking a group from Indonesian television networks on their first ever underwater experience. These were just a few people out of over 200 who came to join us on our day of fun and protection.


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