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07 Jul / 2016
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Two Fish Divers Women's Dive Day 2016
In the run up to PADI Womens Dive Day 2016 with Two Fish Divers we thought we’d introduce you to the girls in our team, and share their stories of how they got into diving and what they love about it… First up is Team Lombok – Here we’re going to meet Martine and Kate!
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06 Jul / 2016
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Molas, Mantas, Whale Shark in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… It has been a great week for spotting larger creatures. The mola season has officially started but that does not mean that we are seeing them everyday. This week our returning guests Marketa, Mario, Bettina and Oldrich, who always have amazing luck with the molas, got the chance to see 2. Manta trains at Manta Point at the start of the week and a 7 meter long whale shark at SD Point yesterday. Our divers this week have been lucky!
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05 Jul / 2016
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Divemaster training in progressIn the picture you see our divemaster trainee Sara in full action assisting our instructor Markus on her first open water course. Here she tells you how it came to it…: Back in Belgium an impulsive decision led to a range of beautiful moments and a step in life where I didn’t think of being ready for but now I can’t let go of the idea of becoming a divemaster.
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04 Jul / 2016
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Denises-pygmy-seahorse-in-AmedThis week in Amed … we discovered one of the most famous critter’s in Amed, the Denise’s pygmy seahorse! One of our guests is a very experienced diver Monica and she did her PADI Wreck Diver, PADI Enriched Air Diver and PADI Digital Underwater Photography specialities, and she asked us to try and find some rare and very interesting critters. That was a good opportunity for us to show what out guides can do!!
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03 Jul / 2016
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Great Gili Island diving with lotsta leaf fishThis week we have had some great Gili Island diving as Gili Air has started to become busy busy and busy! The dive shop is almost complete and looking great, a massive space once the rubble has gone, we can really see now what the finished result will look like. The island is getting full of travellers, families and vacationers. The atmosphere has picked up to the feeling of high season.
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