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01 Jun / 2013
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Two Fish Divers Lembeh award

Once again Two Fish Divers Lembeh have received a CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE FOR THE YEAR OF 2013 with a 5 star rating.

Thank you to all of our guests for their reviews and contributions to help us receive this award, and also thanks to our staff who helped make this happen.

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21 May / 2013
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Anna in BunakenAfter spending three wonderful, still very, very busy weeks in Nusa Lembongan, I finally transfered over here to the beautiful island of Bunaken.
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21 May / 2013
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women in sidemountThe last weeks have all gone under one keyword – planning – despite there being resorts and dive centers on Bunaken and Lembeh the process of getting helium and oxygen in all desired combinations is still quite slow. That in turns means we need to look quite far ahead with our planning (specially for divers wanting to dive deeper on trimix) to have stock of all gases for all dives and all situations.

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20 May / 2013
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Divemaster trainees Joep & SylvieEver thought of becoming a DM and dreaming of a dive-center in a location that has tropical beaches and waving palms? We have, actually we have many times… Thinking of places like Maldives, Fiji, Palau and other exotic destinations. You might ask: “how the hell did you end up in the harbor of Bitung”?
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15 May / 2013
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THIS WEEK IN LEMBONGAN…Mola mola.  Our lucky divers were fortunate to see a mola mola yesterday.  Great news as the sightings have been getting more regular.  Mola season is almost upon us it seems.  We have also been to see the mantas and caught sight of a shark or 2.  Had some wonderful vis and drift diving along the north coast of Pendia where we saw some mantis shrimp, squat lobsters, baby seasnakes, big morays, nudis galore, orang utan crabs and just hundreds of fish!

Great week! how was yours?

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