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22 Oct / 2014
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Whale Shark, Molas and MantaThis Week in Lembongan…. It has been a week of large creatures with our divers seeing Whale Shark, Molas and Mantas. Dive guide Rein and his divers had one amazing dive in which they saw 2 molas within the first 10 minutes and a whale shark not long after that.

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20 Oct / 2014
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Skeleton ShrimpThis week on Bunaken…. Some of the tiniest creatures known as skeleton shrimp are ready for Halloween here on Bunaken. Our guides are famous for finding the tiniest things underwater and there is no exception for this one. The skeleton shrimp is only millimetres long and completely transparent – they hang around on pieces of soft coral in a sort of praying mantis like way. The picture here is taken by our repeater guest Keith from New Zealand on one of his dives with Rolly. Nice job focusing on such a tiny and clear creature!
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17 Oct / 2014
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Ghost Pipefish BonanzaThis week in Lembeh we’re having a Ghost Pipefish bonanza! The dive sites have gone crazy with them and we’ve seen all of the species known to this area.
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16 Oct / 2014
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Diving in the coral triangle with Two FishLast week we had pilot whales, mating mantas, rebreather diving and diving in the coral triangle! In Bunaken we had pilot whales and a whale shark; in Lembongan we manta’s mating in a train; in TEC we had lots of rebreather diving in Bunaken; and we have reports from our two DMT interns in Bunaken and Lembongan, plus a congrats to our new Instructor. 
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15 Oct / 2014
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Aliens In the WaterThis week in Lembongan…We have been founding aliens in the water. As the currents move and the waves roll, these salps find each other. Using jet propulsion these planktonic link together to form growing and growing communities.
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