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07 Nov / 2014
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Mandarin Fish MadnessLembeh is a great place to observe the Mandarin Fish and each week we take our divers over with the hope of getting a glimpse of their mating behaviour. This week we’ve had Mandarin Fish madness and the dive is as popular as ever!
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06 Nov / 2014
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weekly roundup
Welcome to our Weekly Roundup! Last week we had Hermit crabs, finding nemo, octopus, frogfish and how to photograph wall dives!
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05 Nov / 2014
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Sea Serpents

This week in Lembongan… Sea Serpents have been slithering around the dive sites of Lembongan. With one banded sea snake being seen on almost every dive. These amazingly graceful creatures are no concern to divers, just as divers are in the water to swim around, so are these snakes.
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04 Nov / 2014
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The Adventures of DMT Holger - Divemaster, why notI started my Divemaster course on the 18th of October. My plan to do it was very spontaneous (10 days before arriving and 5 days before the flight was i booked…) so thanks to Dani because of her helping emailing so that I had all the information I needed and also helped to book the domestic flight.
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03 Nov / 2014
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SharknadoThis week in Bunaken… We have been overrun with sharks on all of our dives this week, making it seem like we’re in the cheesy horror film of Sharknado (google this and you’ll see what we’re talking about). In one overhang section of Lekuan II, local guide Rolly and repeater guests Bob and Sandra from the States found three white tip sharks circling around. As well, there were many dawn dives on Sachiko, all with sightings of sharks on each dive.
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