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05 Jun / 2014
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Two Fish Divers weekly update with Large octopus in Lembongan


Welcome to our weekly round-up #18, June 2014. This week we have spotted another Guitar shark in lembongan, we have had a pair of Pontohi Pygmy Seahorses in Bunaken, and we found a beautiful Coleman’s Shrimp in Lembeh.
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04 Jun / 2014
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Mummy Mantas Rays in LembonganTHIS WEEK IN LEMBONGAN…we have been seeing a lot of pregnant manta rays around the manta dive sights this week, which means it will not be long before we have some mummy manta rays swimming around!

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03 Jun / 2014
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Discover Rebreather DivesTHIS WEEK IN TEC…. Bubble-less diving! We had Sam and Liana, scuba instructors working around the world, and Ben from Germany, trying out the Poseidon MK6 rebreather in the pool with Blue Label Diving Indonesia technical instructors Hiro and Sandy! As dive instructors, Sam and Liana were even more interested in finding out how rebreather diving will feel in the big blue ocean, so they decided to take the Discover rebreather dives from the boat the following day.

Liana had her first open water CCR dive in the dive site Pangalingan, where we normally have a bit of current, but she managed quite well with her buoyancy even though it changed completely from open circuit diving. Looks like she had lot of fun diving with the rebreather.
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02 Jun / 2014
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Big Eyed Jacks Tornado in BunakenTHIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN …..we have been seen a tornado, but in this case it was of Big Eyed Jacks! Thanks Sandy for this shot.

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31 May / 2014
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BLUE RINGED OCTOPUS MAKES A COMEBACK!THIS WEEK IN LEMBEH… The Blue Ringed Octopus makes a comeback!  We usually find in Lembeh  that Blue Ringed Octopus are either abundant or rarely spotted ( this is to do with their life cycle), and at the moment we have been experiencing the latter… The combination of fewer Blue Ringed Octopus and their superb camouflage make them much harder to find… But not this week!  We had a few “orders” for Blue Rings this week from our guests and all were fulfilled!
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