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13 Sep / 2008
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As part of our renovations at our resort in Lembeh, we completed the new staff quarters end of Aug 2008 (see top right).

In early Sept we started refurbishing the budget rooms (see bottom), this will be completed by 1  Oct. We will then start to refurbish the dive center below the budget rooms and add a camera room, dry & wet equipment rooms, and a reception area. All this work should be finished by end-Oct 2008, so check out our web site after this time.


24 Aug / 2008
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Hi Two Fish,lloyd

You have been good Memory-Builders for our family! Thanks!

Lloyd for Nancy, Joe, Jess, Dan, and Katie

23 Aug / 2008
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karvis Lembeh is a great place for underwater photography.
You can add the link on your site: http://www.vire-design.fi/dive/
Most of the photos are shot in Lembeh.
And we enjoyed your hospitality and relaxed atmophere.
We’ve been recommending Lembeh and your resort for finnish divers.
We’re going to have a baby in late december – so maybe it takes a  while before we’re diving in Indonesia.
Greetings to everyone!

(TFD: congratulations on your new baby!)

20 Jul / 2008
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meskeWe have just finished the renovation to our kitchen, and its now brand-spanking new with fully tiled  walls, natural gas cooking, and lots of space!

We have also hired the services of a professional chef, Meske, (see right). Meske visits us for 1 or 2 days and teaches our cooking girls how to upgrade food and service. Its been a great hit with the girls, and the guests have noticed that the food has really improved.

15 Jun / 2008
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Hi Tina and Nigel,


Have made it back to the Netherlands (last week) and wanted to thank everyone for for a great time in Lembeh and Bunaken. I will need to return to photograph the Pontohi and the Rhinopias…

Thanks to everyone, the guides, the cooks, the captain for all taking excellent care of me. Take a look at some of the photo’s (Arne’s Flickr set of Bunaken & Lembeh) I managed to take despite flooding both my flashes during the holiday (won’t happen again!).

Yours sincerely, Arne

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