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25 Apr / 2013
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open water diver course bunaken 25APR13Big congratulation to Dinna Sulinda, Mutia Rahmi and Hedian who just finished their PADI Open Water course today with Dion. Good and fun and some great sightings of moray, turtle and lot of fish and nice weather.

Find out more about doing your PADI Open Water course on Bunaken.

24 Apr / 2013
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THIS WEEK IN LEMBONGAN….Great diving and vis. Mantas have been hanging around with us. Dolphins seen just mere yards from our boat, Seasnakes hunting, Turtles eating, Nudis mating and a MASSIVE Giant Moray Eel seen just looking big! and an improptu sidemount demo and tryout in the pool. How was your week? 

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24 Apr / 2013
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advanced open water course bunaken 24APR13Congratulations to Kathleen who finished her Advanced Open Water Diver course with us on Bunaken Island.

Find out more about doing your PADI Advanced open water course on Bunaken.

23 Apr / 2013
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dolphins in bunaken 22APR13THIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN……..We have had some rainy days at the beginning of the week, but the weather seems to have been improving, so much that the divers were lucky enough to see beautiful Pilot Whales! Thanks for the photo Reto & Simone.

Underwater the visibility is 20 metres plus and we have been seeing the whole range from big to small to tiny, but particularly plentiful and diverse are the Ghostpipe fish and Pygmy Seahorses this week. We have seen Denise, Severns & Pontohi Pygmy Seahorses and Ornate, Thin, Velvet & Halimeda Ghost Pipefish. We have also seen Orangutan, Boxer & Candy crabs, Pink Leaf Scropion fish, Banded Boxer, Anemone & Commensal Shrimps, Elegant Squat lobsters, Short Nose Pipefish, Black and Gold Polyclad Flat Worm, Spotted Garden eels, various Nudibranch including Nembrotha Kubaryana, Black and White Reef Sharks, Barracuda, Jacks, Dog Tooth Tuna and Turtles.

We also welcome Reto our DMT who came from Lembongan to Bunaken. This is the second resort of his three resort DM course. Lots of great and diverse experience for him!

Happy Earth Day to everyone! All the Two Fish resorts have been out collecting rubbish in celebration. More about that later.

That’s all for now, find out more about diving in Bunaken with us.

22 Apr / 2013
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sidemount diving in lembongan 22Apr13How do you feel about sidemount diving? not sure? sounds like pretty much everyone else. A few of the guys in Lembongan just had a little try out on one. Yayan one of our guides said it was lots of fun and really good for buoyancy control. Didn’t take long at all to get used to. Why not try it out yourself?

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