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17 May / 2010
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Baby white-tip reef shark

A superb day out was had by all this week when we visited Barracuda Point. An early start ensured that we arrived there with plenty of time to enjoy 3 dives. Dive 1 at Baracuda 1 treated us to some dramatic scenery, including huge barrel sponges that were big enough to house a small family! We also saw a beautiful crocodile fish, dart gobies galore, lobster, octopi and a curious shoal of bumphead parrot fish of all sizes. Sadly, no Barracuda this time, their agent must have double-booked them.

On dive 2 at Barracuda 2, there were crazy nudibranchs a plenty and various eels, including this ribbon eel and white mouthed moray.

After a hearty lunch on the boat, we dived at Tinongko and came across a baby white tip reef shark, nestled in a ledge on the wall. Sweet.

On the way home we were escorted by a pod of pilot whales! Just goes to show, a trip to Barracuda Point is a great day out even without the barracuda!

17 May / 2010
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Cara Tobie stayed with us here at Two Fish Lembeh for two weeks during March and April. She has sent in the awesome photos to prove that you can take some great pictures ‘just’ with a small ‘point and shoot’ camera.

She has captured a couple of great images of how the crabs here in the Decorator CrabLembeh Straits will use anything from plastic bags to soft anemones to help camouflage themselves from predators!!

Crab and Upside Down JellyfishNudi n Shrimp

Another example of some ‘strange’ behaviour here in the Lembeh Strait, is this

Emperor Shrimp catching a ride on the back of this Ceratosoma tenue. This is a commensalistic relationship – the shrimp gets a free ride and protection predators will stay away from the toxic nudibranch and the nudibranch isn’t affected in any way by its presence. It is thought that the shrimp does earn ‘its ride’ by removing any small parasites from the nudibranch. Another great image!

Thank you again Cara for sending these through, it was great having you stay with us!

15 May / 2010
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Again a huge thanks to our volunteers that helped with our Clean-Up on Earth Day 2010. As you can see from the links below, Project Aware also really appreciated your efforts and so decided to put us in the spotlight!!



11 May / 2010
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Long time friend and fan of Two Fish Divers Steve Childs recently enjoyed another 3 week stint here in the Lembeh Strait with us. Even though his primary interest is cataloguing the many weird and wonderful Nudibranchs and Flabellina we have here in the Straits, he still enjoyed encounters with the other critters we have here especially the Octopi!

We have spent many dives searching for the elusive Blue Ringed Octopus (Genus Hapalochlaena) but on this dive at Critter Hunt, we struck gold! Steve enjoyed some time alone with him but kept a safe enough distance to keep away from that highly venomous bite!! It is hard to believe that something so small, is one the of the deadliest things on the planet! Click on this link to view his video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQz62wYzE30

In a previous blog, you may remember the mention about the giant Mimic Octopus(Thaumoctopus mimicus) that was spotted recently.  Sem and Steve found this guy in the shallows at Aer Prang. As you can see from the footage – IMG_01850008http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvz5rYixLMk – the octopus is constantly changing his shape and colour. What we found most fascinating is the section where the Mimic is swimming towards the surface, these creatures spend most of their time hiding in the sand checking out its surroundings so seeing one displaying this type of behavior would appear very unusual!

Thanks Steve so much for the links! If anyone else has videos they would like to share then please upload them and send me the link or contact me for Two Fish You Tube account details – helen@twofishdivers.com

11 May / 2010
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Thankfully our two Open Water students, Seo from Korea and Gabor from Hungary, both appreciate what lucky people they are to have had such a stunning ‘swimming pool’ skills session today. During confined skills 4 and 5, they encountered no less than 3 seahorses, 3 flounders, 2 puffer fish, a tiny frogfish and a pigmy pipehorse! Now that’s pretty amazing for any dive anywhere…. but for a ‘POOL’?! Sure beats cold chlorinated water and other people’s old elastaplasts!


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