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22 Oct / 2010
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Robbie and Dave came to stay with in July this year and had such an awesome time that they have already booked to come back and stay with us again for two weeks in April 2011!! A true couple of Muck Diving addicts and they are bringing some more friends along to experience the wonders of the Lembeh Straits!

During their stay they particularly enjoyed night diving with Sem, their guide and Robbie managed to take some pretty cool shots of some of the critters that you see at night!!

Anemone Hermit Crabs are a staple of the Lembeh night dive and it is always fun to watch them rock and roll their way over the rubbley bottoms! I was always laugh when they fall off a rock they they were across!

Stargazers (Uranoscopus sp) are a favourite for divers to try and find on the night dives and from this picture you maybe wondering why – they are not the prettiest critter out there! But they are only seen occasionally and so this makes a sighting all the more special! Stargazers are solitary fish who you find in the sandy bottoms usually with only their eyes and mouth sticking out. It is rare to see them swimming but we witnessed this just the other day on a day dive!

Thanks again to Robbie for sending through these photographs and again we are looking forward to having you back in Lembeh next year!

If anyone else has photos from their stay in Lembeh and would like to see them including on our blog then please send them (compressed please :-) ) to helen@twofishdivers.com .

20 Oct / 2010
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It has been a few weeks since letting you all know what’s been happening here at Two Fish Divers Lembeh.

We have continued to enjoy teaching – Lucy completed her Open Water and Advanced Course and Greg, Andrea and Meagan all completing their Advanced Open Water Course with us as well. We enjoyed great night dives and completed the Wreck Adventure Dive on the Kapal Indah wreck which home to some cool pink and purple Pygmy Seahorse, Batfish and a range of lovely Nudibranchs!

We have also been seeing a few critters that haven’t made an appearance for a while and they all seem to be hairy..! One of the coolest things we have seen was the Hairy Octopus which is extremely rare and had Gizmo our resort manager screaming with joy when he surfaced! This little critter is solitary and is usually found on a rubble bottom as he was on the photo here.  The colour can range from white to cream to brown to red, either with a pattern of spots or not. From looking at it is easy to see why people mistake them for an Orangutan Crab or sea weed!

Also seen this week as well Hairy Ghost Pipefish and Hairy Frogfish. Non-Hairy critters have included Blue Ringed Octopus, Giant Frogfish, Painted and Warty Frogfish, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Stargrazers and more!

It is going to be a busy time for the rest of October but keep an eye for updates on the critters that we will be seeing!

19 Oct / 2010
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Mola Mola Last week one our guests had a very rare encounter with a Mola-Mola on Bunaken. This is also know as a sun-fish and occasionally we seem them as they glide past the reef.

This guy was not scared of the divers and came within 2m of them, but still hard to photo as he didn;t stop gliding!

18 Oct / 2010
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_A055098 Our guests had a treat last  week when we one of our dive guides found a blue-ring octopus. These guys are only 3-4 cm long and are normally the colour of rock/sand so are very hard top spot.

Their blue-rings are only shown when they are agitated, they show them as a warning to keep away. Naturally everyone stays away – they may be small by their venom is lethal. If they bit you then you have about 2mins to live which is not promising if you are 20m down on a dive! There is no anti-venom and, despite their small size, it is thought that they can carry enough venom to kill 26 adult humans within minutes. Wow!


15 Oct / 2010
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Come to Two Fish Divers Lembeh and complete a course that you can not do anywhere else in the world (well at the moment!) – Yes you heard me right! Here at Two Fish Lembeh we have written and will be teaching our very own Muck Diver Specialty course! 

If you have never been Muck Diving then this is the course for you, we’ll give you an introduction to Muck Diving and what it entails and then over a couple of dives teach about good diving techniques that would be favourable for you to use in Muck Diving areas and also an introduction to Critter Identification which is all important when diving here in Lembeh – knowing where and how to find the critters is extremely important!!

Also along the way we can give you tips and pointers on how to make the most of your dive experience.

If you would like to know more about this course (or any other courses or just about staying with us!) then please email either Helen (helen@twofishdivers.com) or Gizmo (gimzo@twofishdivers.com) .

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