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18 Mar / 2007
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Ken is a semi-professional photographer who visited us in Bunaken and Lembeh in Nov 2006. He considers this picture of a pygmy sea horse to be one of his best from his visit, but only of the one’s he has managed to go through so far – he has already posted a number of photos on his web site, but says that after a month’s worth of diving and over 9,000 photos, a lot of work still remains!

He is still trying to catalog his photos, and at the moment has identified 500 different species of sea life from just the one trip in Nov 06. “Absolutely amazing!” he says, and is tentatively planning to return in Nov 07.

Check out his web site on Kilili Photography

15 Mar / 2007
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Lars and Susanne had a very rare sighting of the Blue Ring Octopus on their morning dive. It was found on one of the sites around Bunaken by their dive guide Maruf, fortunately there was only a small current which meant it was easier to take a photo. It is only 8-10cm long from tip of head to tip of tentacle so is really hard to spot, and they are extremely poisonous.

See more of Lars and Susanne’s holiday photos on Lars and Susanne on Flickr

14 Mar / 2007
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Neil started his PADI Divemaster course with Two Fish on 7 Feb. He decided to take a relaxed approach which has meant that he has been able to spend more time helping with courses and guests, and therefore getting more experience.

Its 13 March now and he has just about finished, just a 1-day EFR refresher to do so congratulations to him. Whats next for him? He is on an extended trip so is debating whether to continue traveling, or stay another month to get more experience and do his Assistant Instructor course but he needs to check his bar bill first!

Neil has been a great help with guests, and has taken some great photos over the last month. Check out some of these on Neil at Flickr

12 Mar / 2007
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Fantastic Bunaken in March 2007!!
Lars and Susanne arrived a few days ago and they are enjoying life so far! They are both advanced divers used to diving the cold waters of Sweden, and they are now really in paradise. Some of their favourite critters are nudibranchs, and they have found 8-10 different kinds so far. They also love the tiny seahorse (pontohi) which are very rare but common on the walls of Bunaken.

Check out some of their favourite pics (including the sea horse) by clicking on Lars & Susanne’s pics.

04 Mar / 2007
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Lucy finally left us on 3 March (on the left in the photo with Tina), and we think that she is our longest guest ever. She arrived on 3 Sep 2006 for her DM Internship that was supposed to last 2 months, but she loved it so much that she decided to stay. Her initial intention was to spend 2 months with us then travel and dive around Thailand, but after talking to some guests about the diving there she decided to stay put and instead clocked up over 250 dives in Bunaken and Lembeh (with a 3 week holiday in Bali).

Overall Lucy spent 6 months with us, and she took her DM and Assistant Instructor courses. Her internship lasted the whole time, and she got alot of experience through helping on the full range of PADI courses. She also helped customers by taking weaker divers/divers who had not dived for a while on unofficial refresher dives, and she was a regular at briefings for new guests.

We will miss her at Two Fish and wish her every success with her instructor exam. Check out more guests and their photos on Two Fish Pics

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