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30 May / 2011
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After amazing dives, huge Napoleon wrasse, three black tip sharks, nudibranches, turtles….any place and time is good to have a bit of fun!! HERE FEW IDEAS!!


31 Dec / 2010
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IMG_4823 Just had a great dive on our house reef in Bunaken, the last dive of 2010! Appropriately my dive buddy was Ben (pictured right) – visiting us for the 8th time, he’s now done more dives on our house reef than me!!

A gentle drift, we saw lots nudibranchs, scorpionfish and lots of large reef fish like snappers & sweetlips.

Happy new year everyone!!




31 Dec / 2010
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 Megan Lennon Two Fish Divers Lembeh has been having a busy week with courses but is so happy to announce that the First PADI Muck Diver Course also took place this week!

Megan was first to sign up and then her friend Julianne decided to come along for the fun as well! Both currently living and working in Indonesia – Megan and Julianne are really making the most of the world-class diving that this area has to offer and after diving round Bali and Bunaken, they fancied trying out Muck Diving in Lembeh (where else? It is the best place in the world!)

Not knowing what to really expect from Muck Diving, when they read about the course that we (Helen & Gizmo) had written and they decided this would be the ideal course for them to take. We spent time perfecting buoyancy skills and then Julianne Reynoldson the second dive we were busy identifying symbiosis and different types of Muck Diving critters!

The critters were also out in force for the first Muck Diver course – we saw loads of Ambon Scorpion, Stargrazer, Wonderpus, Devil Ray, Juvenile Batfish, Frogfish…the list goes on and on…….

27 Dec / 2010
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Two Fish Divers Lembeh wants to congratulate again Keno on completing his Junior Open Water Course with us this week. keno Keno and his Dad Ben are regular visitors to our Bunaken Resort but decided to start this trip a little differently be coming to Lembeh to do some Muck Diving and also to have Keno do his Open Water Dives.

Keno completed the skills and classroom sections of the course back home in Switzerland so only had to complete the 4 Open Water Dives. Having been around diving for so long, it wasn’t a surprise that he took to it like ‘ a duck to water’ as us English people would say.  He flew through all the skills like a little pro and got to see some pretty cool critters – Leaf Scorpionfish, Pegasus Sea Moths, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Waspfish and lots more.

We would like to wish Keno and Ben many happy dives together!

19 Dec / 2010
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Before living and working in Indonesia we were living in Thailand, where over the years we had both completed our Instructor Development Course. So when my Course Director, Darius, emailed to say they need a holiday and wanted to come and stay with us, we were happy to welcome him and his wife with open arms.

Elisabeth, his wife, runs a successful videography training company in Koh Tao called Oceans Below. They run both Professional HD Underwater Videography Courses and HD Underwater Video Production Training, so if you are interested in knowing more then please get in contact with them @ info@oceansbelow.net or visit their website www.oceansbelow.net . Elisabeth and her team have years of experience between them – they were asked by the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) to design the dive industry’s only Pro Level Underwater video course!  They also do more than teaching – they have produced pieces of work for the Thai Tourism Authority to filming underwater for the Miami Ink TV documentary!

We are still waiting for Elisabeth to complete editing her video but she has sent us a link to an article that she wrote on her website along with some stills from her footage. Follow this link to see more:


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