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24 Aug / 2010
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ben & family Ben, a regular annual visitor at Two Fish for the past six years, spent another four weeks with us recently with his lovely wife, Amandene and children Loyanne and Kenno. Ben is an experienced diver who regularly dives in Switzerland in much colder conditions requiring a dry suit. The near perfect conditions here in Bunaken meant he was just in shorts and rash vest the entire time!

While Ben spent most of his time diving and searching out subjects to photograph (one of which was the elusive Marbled Shrimp!) Amadene and Loyanne joined him for a a number of dives too. Unfortunately Kenno is only nine years old so is unable to dive just yet but his Dad is thinking of bringing him back in December to complete his Open Water course! However, this didn’t deter him from joining everyone on the boat every day to snorkel and enjoy the beautiful Bunaken weather and water conditions.

In addition to the fun dives Ben spent some time with Brendon, our Course Director, doing some technical diving down to 50m. This required a bit of extra planning and logistics but it meant Brendon was in his element with two tanks on his back and a technical diving buddy.

With Ben having spent so much time at Two Fish he has come to know all the staff over the years and threw an impressive party for everyone the day before returning home. There was an abundance of food, drinks and an entire roasted pig for everyone to enjoy. Thanks Ben for your hospitality, we hope to see you again soon.

A selection of Ben’s best photos can be seen attached. He has only just got his G10 but is already getting some great shots.


21 Aug / 2010
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So as the World Cup came to end in mid-July, Two Fish Divers has got busier and busier until now where we are full to the brim!

It has been a great 6 weeks over in Lembeh firstly the critters have been out in force and we are regularly seeing some of the more rarer species. Blue-Ringed Octopus, Wonderpus and Tiger Shrimps have all been making numerous appearances. As you IMG_5243may or may not know, Lembeh Straits is a Mecca for Frogfish and we have been them in large quantities whether they be Hairy, Painted or Giant! You name it we have seen them!

Night Dives are always a winner and it is the same here in Lembeh – Guests regularly sit done to the evening meal and hardly eat as they reel off the weird that come out at night – some of the crabs still make me laugh with their camouflage techniques and a guest favourite is the Bobtail Squid, so cute and small!! 

We have had our first Open Water Courses and many people completing the Advanced Open Water or some Adventure Dives. All of students realised the unique place that they had come to learn to dive and really enjoyed the experience!

Lembeh is also a great place to complete PADI Specialty courses as well and the following have completed a mixture of Digital Underwater Photography to Search and Recovery to Enriched Air Diver: Maitri, Luke, Meagan, Dan and James.

It is still looking busy going into September but there is still some spaces left so drop us an email if you fancy coming to dive with Two Fish! (gizmo@twofishdivers.com or helen@twofishdivers.com ).

16 Aug / 2010
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Late last week we received a call from Marion saying that her and her friends were Team France 2interested in completing their Open Water Course with us. They had read about diving in Sulawesi and were initially interested in completing the course in Bunaken but when they were told that could complete it as well here in Lembeh,  they decided to come over to the ‘Dark Side’ to become certified divers!

We started the Open Water Course as a group of five but Remi wasn’t feeling too well and so decided to complete the academics and confined (skills!) part of the course – he did a great job and should go on to complete his open water dives. Marion, Pauline, Sebastien and Pierre continued on with the courses and completed it without a hitch – we didn’t have to repeat a single skill and they all passed the exam with flying colours! It was great watching them swim along behind me looking like professionals from the start!

Team FranceSylvain was completing his Advanced Open Water course at the same time and hearing how much he enjoyed the night dive – Sebastien and Pierre also decided to complete their Adventure Night and Deep Dives and so have already completed two fifths of their advanced course!

On their final day of diving we went out and did their first muck dive and judging by the looks on their faces when they saw Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Seahorses, Cuttlefish and many cool crabs they enjoyed it as much as they did the course.

Team France – it was a pleasure teaching you all and having you stay with here in Two Fish Lembeh. We would love to have you back!! Well done again and Keep Diving!!!  

14 Aug / 2010
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Many thanks to Wendy from the UK who has sent us this link to the video she made during her stay with Two Fish Divers Lembeh in March this year.


I hope that it brings back some memories for everyone – one of my favourite shots is of the Nudibranch having its ‘skirt’ blown up by the current!!

If any more underwater film makers want to share their memories of their stay in Lembeh with everyone then send a link to your video to helen@twofishdivers.com .

12 Aug / 2010
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IMG_1897Two Divers Lembeh would like to congratulate Cyril Capello on being the first person to complete their PADI Open Water Course here in the Lembeh Straits with Two Fish!

  Helen (our resident Instructor) and Cyril had lots of fun practicing the confined skills out on the house reef , where Cyril also spent some time to master his buoyancy control whilst enjoying meeting some of the residents who live out the front of Two Fish Divers!

After this we headed out on the boat to complete the Open Water Dives, were Cyril saw Pygmy Seahorses, flounders, moray eels and lots of cool crabs and shrimps!! We think that we have made another Scuba Addict in Cyril judging by the smile on his face after every dive!! Last thing to do was to pass the exam which he did with 98%!!

Cyril wanted to make the most of his trip to Lembeh so decided on also completing his Advanced Open Water course as well during his stay. During this course he tried his hand at underwater photography, night diving and continued to work in mastering his buoyancy on the Peak Performance Buoyancy dive.

Again we would like to say WELL DONE to Cyril, it was great having you stay and watching you develop into a happy, confident diver!  IMG_1883

If you are planning to come to Lembeh and are interested in taking a dive course whilst you are here then please do not hesitate to contact Helen (helen@twofishdivers.com) for more information or with any questions you may have.

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