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24 Sep / 2014
Author: Bryce Tags: There is no tags Comments: 2

It's All About The BlueThis week in Lembongan… Divers have had their eyes fixated on the blue as the larger creatures emerge from the darkness. Crystal Bay has been the highlighted dive site of the week. With also most every trip brightened by at least one mola encounter.


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23 Sep / 2014
Author: Sandy Tags: There is no tags Comments: 1

white tip reef sharkThis week in Bunaken…. we’ve been experiencing a shark attack on almost all of our dive sites – no, don’t panic, we’re not talking something out of a Jaws film – all of our dive groups have been seeing loads of sharks during almost every dive they’ve had here this week. The most common sharks we’re seeing these days are the white tip reef sharks, but there are also a few black tip reef sharks mixed in there as well. We think the unusually cold thermoclines have been bringing the sharks closer into the shallow reefs.
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22 Sep / 2014
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Two Fish Divers weekly update with Manta Ray in Bunaken and amazing night dives in LembehThis week we are changing the format slightly to include inspiration from the internet as well as our own resorts, this is why we cover gobys, courses, comedian Ze Frank and refreshers!
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21 Sep / 2014
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PADI Open Water CourseThe new PADI Open Water course has a new big push on safety and there have been some new skills added which reflect this. These new skill revolve around safety equipment, giving the newly certified divers the skills and knowledge to help keep them stay safe.

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19 Sep / 2014
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Courses, Critters and Clean-up in LembehThis week in Lembeh we have been busy bees! In addition to a week of special critters and awesome night dives we have also had lots of students taking courses and held a clean-up dive!
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