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29 Nov / 2015
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Manta ray in Belongas, South Lombok

In Belongas, South Lombok this week for the second time this year we have encountered Manta Rays..yes Manta Rays. These particular fish were not just any mantas, but rather majestic Oceanic Mantas! It is not often that we come across them, but an extra special treat, like the Mola Mola ( Sunfish), Dolphins, Whale Shark and Dugong.
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28 Nov / 2015
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imageThis week in Bali: we have had great weather and blue skys and the water has been blue as well. Leaf fish in a few variations have been spotted all around Bali.
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27 Nov / 2015
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SpecsMy twelve-day stay in Lembeh, the final station of my Divemaster internship, is unfortunately coming to an end soon. I took here the specialty course on “Underwater Navigation”
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25 Nov / 2015
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Molas Still in the Waters Around Nusa LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Mola Mola Mola!!!! After an amazing mola season we believed that these creatures had made their way back to depths, as the water has begin to be warmer but, no! They decide this week, to come say hi to our divers and show them that they are still here!
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23 Nov / 2015
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Yvonne 2This week we said a big hello to welcome Yvonne to Bunaken – and we’ve also had an impromptu Koh Tao reunion.

It’s been a busy week for technical diving in Bunaken with Chris visiting from Koh Tao to do as many fun tech dives as possible.
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