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10 May / 2014
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Free accommodation

You can get FREE Accommodation when you book courses with us in June in Bunaken, Lembongan or Lembeh with our JUNE COURSE PROMO FEAST!

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09 May / 2014
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THIS WEEK IN LEMBEH…  We found a Sargassum Frogfish at Hairball hiding in a piece of trash!  Normally these are found floating with seagrass just under the surface and we often see them from the shore at the resort when cleaning up surface debris, so this was an unusual to find one completely underwater!
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08 May / 2014
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hairy shrimp bunakenWelcome to our weekly round-up #14, April/May 2014. This is the week of some great macro life in Bunaken with a picture of amazing hairy shrimp – thanks Vanessa and Marco for the photo!

In Lembeh we’ve seen quite a few TINY Flamboyant Cuttlefish which must mean that some of the eggs that we’ve been seeing on several sites have hatched. And in Lembongan we’ve had lots of Manta’s but also an off-seson Mola came to say hi.

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07 May / 2014
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Manta Rays, Mola Molas and Sharks in LembonganTHIS WEEK IN LEMBONGAN………  Manta Rays, Mola Molas and sharks in Lembongan, have been apart of our exciting encounters! Everyone over the last week from, discover scuba divers to experienced divers, have had the chance to dance with these giants. Even getting close enough to snap this perfect Manta Ray Identification photo.

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05 May / 2014
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Advanced Nitrox CourseTHIS WEEK IN TEC….There has been a lot of gas blending of rich nitrox mixes for our students doing their advanced nitrox course on sidemount. Both Two Fish Instructor Stephanie and our latest divemaster Trine have been able to extend their dive bottom time with the use of extra tanks and mixes of nitrox over 40%. In total, these mighty women have been carrying 3 tanks underwater in order to optimise their dive time especially in the 20 to 40 meter range. Their tec instructors Hiro and Sandy have shown them a new way to plan multi level dives and understand the calculations behind their dive computers.

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