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04 May / 2010
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From Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia

Check out AA website

Lion air Indonesia
Check out Lion Air website

Booking Internal Flights
Its cheaper to book internal flights from inside Indonesia. Lion Air issue eTckets, this means that we can book the flights for you and send you the tickets via email. Check out booking flights for more information.

Perhaps the cheapest route to Manado is via Air Asia, one of Asia’s largest budget airlines. The direct flight between KL and Manado was cancelled in Feb 2010, but its still possible to get AA flights to cities in Indonesia followed by internal flights to Manado (MDO) with Lion Air with very little transit time as follows:

via Jakarta:
DEP KL 0700, ARR JKT 0805 (AA)
DEP JKT 1330, ARR MDO 1740 (LionAir)

DEP KL 0950, ARR JKT 1050 (AA)
DEP JKT 1330 ARR MDO 1740 (LionAir)

DEP KL 1315, ARR JKT 1415 (AA)
DEP JKT 1830, ARR MDO 2215 (LionAir)

via Denpasar (Bali):
DEP KL 0925, ARR DPS 1230 (AA)
DEP DPS 1830, ARR MDO 2215 (LionAir)

DEP KL 1055, ARR DPS 1355 (AA)
DEP DPS 1830, ARR MDO 2215 (LionAir)

via Ujang Pandang (city in South of Sulawesi):
DEP KL 1340, ARR UPG 1705 (AA)
DEP UPG 2030, ARR MDO 2215 (LionAir)

Lion Air is the largest budget airline in Indonesia, and typical prices would be JKT-MDO US$65-100, DPS-MDO US$80-100, UPG-MDO US$40-60. We can buy the Lion Air flights to Manado for you and get the cheaper internal prices, the tickets issued will be eTickets that we can email to you.

Check out all the different flight options for getting to and from Manado.

02 May / 2010
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After the previous post about sending us your photos, we received some from Tom Prideaux, who stayed with us here in Lembeh for nearly two weeks at the end of March. This was his and his wife’s second stay with us and we believe that they are probably already planning their next visit to Two Fish!! 03-2010 251

The Spiny Devilfish ( Inimicus didactylus) is often referred to as the Devil Stinger. This species belongs to the ‘stonefishes’ family Synanceiidae which have extremely venomous dorsal fin spines that cause immense pain if touched.  They camouflage themselves well in Lembeh by burying themselves in the sand! You can occasionally see them ‘walking’ on their pelvic ‘fingers.

03-2010 106

The Painted Frogfish (Antennarius pictus) can be found in a variety of habitats ranging from sandy bottoms to camouflaging themselves with the mooring lines! They can vary greatly in colour from black to pink. There is a great chance of seeing them with us at many of the sites here in the Lembeh Straits! 03-2010 037

Another common but very beautiful inhabitant of The Straits is the Ornate Ghost Pipefish ( Solenostomus Paradoxus). These pipefish tend to remain in a fairly restricted area ( we still have one living on our house reef!) and are more often encountered in a male/female pair.

Thank you so much Tom for sending these through, we look forward to seeing some of Karen’s videos!!!

If any one has videos that they would like to post, please contact us with the link and then we can blog it for you so that everyone can see your good work!! helen@twofishdivers.com

30 Apr / 2010
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A non-fishy blog for once!! We wanted to let everyone meet the new addition to the Two Fish family here in Lembeh!! His name is Scubi Bintang and when he is a little bit bigger we’ll start training him to help round the resort – his main area of expertise will be Security but at the moment it is looking very cute and waking Helen and Gizmo up during the night!! Scubi

25 Apr / 2010
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team effort Project Aware’s Dive for Earth Day was on 22nd April, and our staff and guests did a great job with clean-ups in both Bunaken and Lembeh.

Check out the Earth Day cleanup in Lembeh and cleanup in Bunaken.

Thanks to all guests & staff who helped!

25 Apr / 2010
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diveguide ken As part of Project Aware’s Dive for Earth Day on 22nd April, all the guests and staff of Two Fish Divers Bunaken did a thorough underwater clean up of the area below the jetty of Bunaken Village.

The guests needed no encouragement to get stuck in to the task at hand. All the staff were keen to get involved too, and it wasn’t just the dive guides……there were divers, snorkelers and non-swimmers alike. Even the restaurant boys donned their snorkelling gear and got to work, picking up all sorts of weird and not-so-wonderful trash. Those who didn’t get in the water tidied up a stretch of beach. A real team effort.

We cleaned up this area last September and, although there was plenty to clean up this time too, it’s very encouraging to see that the area around the jetty is making a sustained recovery and is still home to a diverse range of marine life. Well done to everyone for staying focused, despite an audience of fish, including bat fish, lion fish and anemone fish all looking on curiously.

On our return to Two Fish, the next big job was to unload and weight it all…..In total we collected 28 big sackfuls, plus more odd-shaped bits and pieces that just wouldn’t go into a sack. The total weight came to ……..492.5 Kg, nearly half a tonne!

A fun and hugely productive day was had by all involved. Everyone came back feeling extremely satisfied with what had been achieved and ready for a well-earned dinner!

Big heartfelt thanks to all the guests and staff for their super-enthusiastic participation in a truly worthwhile global initiative.


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