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22 Nov / 2009
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scorpion-fish-full-face Nigel finally gets back in the water with his second-hand FujiPro S2 DSLR camera with Seacam housing – bought in June 2009 and finally getting wet!! Will take a while to get used to a DSLR but early results are great!

Check out Nigel’s latest fun diving photo’s on Flickr.

15 Nov / 2009
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water-wallWe finally managed to update the resort page on our website for our resort in Lembeh.

The page now includes all our new developments such as the new superior cottages, re-vamp of the budget rooms, new equipment washing facilities, new restaurant and our new water-fall wall in front of the restaurant (see picture on right) – check out the Two Fish Lembeh resort page to see pics of all the improvements.

We have almost finished this phase of our development plan for the resort in Lembeh – it’ll take just another few months to add two more superior cottages and improved dive boats, and then we’ll be finished! Phew!

21 Oct / 2009
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dive-2009 We will be at the NEC Dive Show in Birmingham, England on 24-25 Oct so come and meet us to talk about diving in Bunaken and Lembeh, Tec diving, IDCs, etc.

11 Oct / 2009
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At last our new restaurant is finished – it was started in May 09 and was due to be completed in Aug 09. Like anything in Indonesia things get delayed and we are very happy that it was completed end of Sept 09.

It creates alot more space for guests as the old restaurant has been converted to a relaxing area.


23 Sep / 2009
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look-mumOn 19 September all our guests and diving crew participated in this event by going to clean up a part of the reef on Bunaken Island. We went to the base of the jetty next to Bunaken Village, and everyone dived or snorkeled for rubbish for about 2 hours.

The jetty is large and extends out from the island, out over the coral wall. We found alot of trash on the reef flat and in the shallows to 5m – in total we collected over 22 bags of trash that weighed a total of almost 900kg!

In the evening we  also presented the PADI Coral Reef Conservation that was presented by our 3 IDC candidates.

Thanks to all our guests and staff, what a great day!!! Check out our clean-up pictures on Flickr.

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