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02 Oct / 2010
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Fiona came to stay with us after completing her Divemaster course over in Bunaken with Brendon, our course director. After all that hard work she decided that she need a few days of good fun diving and where better to do it than here in the Lembeh Straits with Two Fish?!?!

In the Straits you can see a wide variety of different Nudibranchs and these are a favourite of photographers as they are relatively easy subject to shoot! Fiona got a beautiful shot of a Glossodoris cincta having a little wander over a rock! …  IMG_5313

When we ask people when they arrive one critter that they would like to see then the Hairy Frogfish definitely is one of the critters that is often at the top of many people’s lists and from this photo you can see why! The lighting on this shot give the frogfish quite an eerie sinister look – don’t you think?? His lure is up and out so he is obviously feeling a little hungry and is trying to catch dinner!!

Thank you Fiona for sending this pictures through and we are really glad that you enjoyed your stay with us here at Two Fish Divers Lembeh! Come back soon!

01 Oct / 2010
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7 Saturday 25th of September was International Cleanup day which was a huge success! We started with the beach and mangrove area around the Two Fish resort, and later that afternoon we took 30 volunteers (staff & guests) to the pier in Bunaken and joined several other dive centres from around the island in a mass cleanup.

We had a surface crew that consisted of a number of snorkelers, some of which were from a neighbouring resort who wanted to do their bit, and a dive crew doing the area from 14m up.

We collected everything from plastic packaging, bottles, building materials, clothing to diapers and tin cans.

It was a great team effort and we would like to thank everyone for taking part and doing their bit for our ocean. All the data has now been collected and submitted to Project Aware and we are pleased to announce that after weighing all the rubbish that was collected, we managed to collect 628kg!


27 Sep / 2010
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All at Two Fish Divers Lembeh would like to congratulate Lucy who has just IMG_5730completed both her Open Water Course and Advanced Open Water course with us!!

Lucy got the diving bug within the first couple of hours and really  loved completing the Open Water Course – however she wasn’t too fond of the compass skills! She took to like a ‘duck to water’ and managed to perfect her buoyancy pretty quickly! 

After completing the Open Water and celebrating with a couple of Bintangs, Lucy decided to also complete her Advanced Open Water Course with Helen ( her own personal instructor!).

Wanting to fine-tune her buoyancy more we completed the Peak Performance Dive and then also got to use some of these skills on the Underwater Photography dive! Lucy was so lucky to be able to get photos of 2 Hairy Frogfish and a Shaggy Frogfish on this dive! She took the Deep and Navigation Dives within her stride and finish all the skills with ease! To complete her Advanced Course we went on a IMG_5727awesome Night Dive to Jahir – we were joined by squid, sponge crabs and a huge Common Reef Octopus just to name a few!

She set sail to enjoy some more fun dives at our resort in Bunaken and we wish her all the best in her travels and would love to see her back here soon!

If you would like any information on courses run by Two Fish Divers please do not hesitate to contact us on helen@twofishdivers.com .

26 Sep / 2010
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team clean up Yesterday was Project Aware International Clean-up Day and Two Fish Divers decided to visit the Trikora dive site to give it a spring clean.

We had two teams – Daria, Roland and Sanna were our surface team ( they were unable to dive due to flying the next day ) and they did an excellent job of collecting plastic caps, packets and paint tins from the surface and the shallow waters.

The Underwater Team comprised of Handry, Hendro and Steven ( three of our guides), Greg & Andrea, Jo & Tom, Lucy and also Helen our resident instructor and Clean-up coordinator. We all kept busy collecting plastic containers, pain tins, fishing net and lines and even clothing and nappies! All in all we collected approx 80-100kg on rubbish between us!

It was a great team effort and we would like to thank everyone who took part!

19 Sep / 2010
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Glossodoris cincta Lembeh Straits is a great place for night diving and this week we have had some awesome ones! I have been out completing a Night Diver Specialty and also Adventure Night Dives towards the Advanced Open Water course and the students have got to see some real cool critter action!

Serena is always great for a night dive – no current and plenty to see in the shallows and it is also a great place to see different types of Hermit Crabs, Decorator Crabs, Waspfish and cuttlefish.

A personal favorite night diving spot of mine is Jahir ( which is also awesome during the day!) and it turned out be a winner the other night which us seeing a Stargazer, Bobtail Squid, Frogfish, Octopus, Flamboyant cuttlefish and huge Pleurobranchus nudibranchs ( one was about 30cm across!) as well as Scorpionfish galore and more Glossodoris nudibranchs.

Here’s a few photos that Marianne ( buddy of one of my students!) took during the dive Jahir! Thanks for the photos Marianne!

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