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19 May / 2007
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Another nudi I have never seen!! “Its always at that site” say Vanus, one of our dive guides, “you’ve just ever looked.” Yep, and now I can see them, its amazing when you know where and which site. Great colouration.

Nigel @ Two Fish

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03 May / 2007
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We recently received this great picture of two desperate divers. Both Erik (left) and Stephen (right) did their PADI Divemaster course with us back in 2003. Stephen went on to become a PADI Instructor, and he is now a PADI Staff Instructor working part-time in Thailand. As a Staff Instructor, Stephen does the normal courses but is also able to help out on Instructor Courses as well.

After his DM course, Erik went back to university in Sweden to finish his masters degree. Earlier this year he went to Thailand to take his Instructor course and exam, and whilst there he caught up with Stephen to relive old times. A keen underwater photographer, Erik has his own site dedicated to his trips to Sipadan and North Sulawesi. Checkout Eriks World.

Good luck to both of you guys and we hope to see you back here in Bunaken or Lembeh. If anyone else has some Two Fish photo’s they wish to blog here, please send them to us.

18 Apr / 2007
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New Staff!!! We had a new addition to our staff when Tina gave birth to our daughter. Rebecca Olwyn Emily Thomas (middle names from both her grand-mothers), was born at 5.30am on 12 April, she weighed 3kg and was 50cm, and both mother and daughter are doing fine. The father is also ok, …

14 Apr / 2007
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A few nights ago we went on a night dive and found this Spanish Dancer, a nudibranch that is about 1 foot long and has a very large frill that makes it seem as though its “dancing” when it moves. A very beautiful creature that is not seen often, Neil (yes he is still here!) took this photo as I was guiding a student on their Night Dive as part of their Advanced Course.

Nigel @ Two Fish (17/04/07)

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11 Apr / 2007
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We had a great time over Easter – the weather was blue skies and sun and the viz was 20-25m so the diving was perfect. We were full during the week before Easter and had a great crowd of guests, and we taught our youngest ever diver – Baptiste (picture top right) is only 10 years old and he passed his open water course with flying colours. He was visiting us with his older brother Zach and father Byrne (picture bottom right), they were here 2 years ago when we taught Zach to dive, and Baptiste has had to wait until turning 10 before he could follow in his brothers footsteps (or fin kicks!). Congratulations Baptiste, happy diving, and we hope to see you again.

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