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13 May / 2014
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Rebreather Rescue BailoutTHIS WEEK IN TEC…. Ever wonder how rebreather rescue works? Our technical diving instructors Sandy and Hiro Yoshida spent many days this past week training all the local dive guides on Bunaken how to rescue rebreather divers from underwater. All of the staff participated in bailing out a rebreather diver who is breathing a bad mixture and also surfacing an unconscious rebreather diver. We had fantastic fun with our rebreather rescue training even though it’s a very serious topic, and we’re now ready to assist all our technical divers who come to us for diving!

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12 May / 2014
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10 turtles in one dive

THIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN…….the turtles have been out in force again with 10 turtles in one dive in Bunaken! Bunaken is generally quieter this week with uncrowded dive sites. The seas are still flat, but the rain is back for a shower around lunchtime and drying up before the afternoon dive.


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12 May / 2014
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PADI Speciality of the month is Nitrox

Complete your nitrox speciality course in Lembongan during the month of May and receive a FREE GIFT!!

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10 May / 2014
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Free accommodation

You can get FREE Accommodation when you book courses with us in June in Bunaken, Lembongan or Lembeh with our JUNE COURSE PROMO FEAST!

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09 May / 2014
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THIS WEEK IN LEMBEH…  We found a Sargassum Frogfish at Hairball hiding in a piece of trash!  Normally these are found floating with seagrass just under the surface and we often see them from the shore at the resort when cleaning up surface debris, so this was an unusual to find one completely underwater!
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